Merc, Merc, go away…

…don’t come back EVER!

For the last three weeks, Mercury has been in Retrograde.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Mercury in Retrograde is the astrological version of Murphy’s Law—anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Or, as I’ve come to describe in over the past few weeks, it’s like Murphy’s Law on crack!

Sometimes, I don’t think we (or I, at least) even notice when Mercury in Retrograde.  This time around, however, it kicked my ass. :ohcrap   So many things when so wrong one right after the other that I actually kept a list!

First, my computer started to crash constantly.  Now, it does this sometimes.  Nothing wrong with it; I’ve had it checked.  But much like people, my PC just picks a day to get a bug up its butt.  Some days, nothing; other days, it can crash 6 times before breakfast.  At the beginning of Merc-in-Retro, it crashed more often than I blink.

Then, for no reason whatsoever, I woke up one day with a massively sore throat.  Lasted two days, then disappeared.  Which is definitely yay! but it left me totally hoarse.  I mean, I’ve sounded like a mouse—or an 80-year-old, pack-a-day smoker—the entire month of August. :littlevamp

Then I noticed the hot water heater was leaking.

Then the front screen door didn’t latch properly & Tigger—aka The Escape Artist—got out.  (Thankfully, he didn’t get far, but it still scared the bejeezus out of me.)

Then the battery in the car died.

And the cats started hocking up hairballs almost constantly, when normally they very rarely throw up at all.

Then I set a bowl in the dishpan…didn’t drop it or crack it, set it gently…& the bowl under it shattered into a million gazillion pieces.  It literally exploded, shards flying everywhere.  One even hit me in the eye…mid-blink, thankfully, or I’d have been in real trouble.  But it was absolutely bizarre to have that happen when the bowl that broke hadn’t been touched at all.

Then my 92-year-old grandmother broke her wrist.

And the water heater continued to leak, causing me to be on the phone & in the basement sixteen hours out of every day trying to get it fixed/replaced.  Oh, & I learned that the reason the electric bill has been astronomical for the last year is because of the leaking hot water heater!  (Water drips out, more water flows in, all of it being heated & heated & heated…  It would have been so nice if somebody had clued me in on that one, y’know? :face )

Then the recharge to the car battery didn’t take & it’s dead again.

Then the Art Fact Sheet I was supposed to be filling out for my April 2012 Harlequin Desire would not save properly.  I tried to fill the dang thing out three times before I gave up.  Thankfully, when I went back a few days later, it worked the way it was supposed to & I got my AFS done just in they nick of time. :chip

Then my hip started to go wonky.

And I felt the earth…move…under my feet.  (aka EARTHQUAKE!!!!! on the East Coast)  WTF?!

Then I spent an entire day replacing a part on the hot water heater, only to have it start leaking again before I went to bed that night. *SOB*  And I had to get back on the phone, go to Lowe’s, schedule a delivery & install, deal with getting the entire unit replaced…

And in case you couldn’t figure it out, the writing has TOTALLY SUCKED through all of this. :biteme   I have tried so hard to keep at it & keep working, but every time I turn around, Mercury in Retrograde comes out of nowhere to drag me away by the hair & start kicking my ass again… *SOB SOB*

And my hip/leg/spine got so out of whack, I could barely walk & had to find a chiropractor ASAP.

And Hurricane Irene moved in.  (Luckily, it’s not expected to do much damage this far inland, but other folks are evacuating & in serious trouble which is very concerning… :flash )

Ohmigosh, I think that’s it.  I mean, it’s enough, isn’t it?  Can you think of anything else that could have possibly gone wrong the past three weeks?  WAIT—don’t answer that!!!

To say the least, I am beaten & battered & unbelievably relieved that Mercury in Retrograde has finally gone on its merry way.

I won’t mention that Merc-in-Retro happens three times a year, or that it’s expected back in November.  No, I won’t mention that, because it’s way too likely to cause suicidal tendencies.  Let’s enjoy the next couple of months before the astrological Crapfest starts all over again.

But I’m curious to know how the rest of you have fared during Merc’s little path of destruction.  Have you been pulling your hair out, too, or were you completely clueless that anything was going on?

(If your answer is the latter, the rest of us hate you, btw. :purplebat )



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  1. Jane says:

    I also never expected to experience my first earthquake and major hurricane in one week. This stuff really doesn’t usually happen in the northeast. Luckily we didn’t suffer any damage and we didn’t lose power. :hearts :bat2

  2. Debra G says:

    I have had some of the same issues. Of course a hurricane and and earthquake are unusual. The first day of school is our one and only snow day. My daughter gave me two days warning that she needed surgery and I was to take her. I would have insisted anyway but I do like some planning time for emotional reasons. My other daughter came to see her and after several hours on the road a mechanic told her her tires were not safe. She did not have the money to get new ones and we would not want her driving on the old ones, so … It is nice to know we are not alone in our calamities.

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh Heidi, I am so sorry you’ve had such a hard time of it lately. Lets hope that things get better for everyone now.

    I’ve had a bad week. I had to tell my someone who was like an uncle to me, but not blood related to leave me alone. He started harassing me a telling me things like he used to be a sanctioned killer for the government so if I ever said Boo to him, he’d have no problem coming and taking care of me. *kill me* yeah he was a wacko so, buh bye.

    Then my brother got drunk and took his gun to convenience store and a bar and pointed it at several people and did a few other things that got the police looking for him. And he is now in jail facing some serious jail time. I really didn’t need this added stress.

    My neighbors had their power turned off for some odd reason and I saw them in their apartment with candles. I called the manager because I am afraid that they are going to start a fire and burn down the whole apartment building with their candles. In Las Vegas you are not allowed to live in an apartment without having power turned on so she has no recourse but to give them a 3 day eviction. My other neighbor said they have also been selling crack out of their apartment. Great just great, i have a candle burning crack dealer living next door to me..*but not for long*

    hopefully things will get better now.

  4. Heidi says:

    This is going to sound really, really bad, but I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who’s had it rough lately. I was starting to feel like Merc was out to get me & me alone. :vampire

  5. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Yikes! :uhoh Bad timing all around! So, now would be a bad time to ask you if you rec’d your interview questions for my blog, right? Yeah, I thought so. :biteyou

    Me? Well I can’t say I knew a whit about the Mercury Retrograde thing (in fact when I saw the FB post, I was fairly certain you were talking about a band), but I have had my fair share of health issues that have lasted for 5 wks. I’ve missed work, writing and worst of all, my BFF’s party! *sob* Not to mention (but I will) I’ve been juggling prescrip after prescrip and the final one caused me more pain than my ailment. :face

    So there was THAT. Which I suppose could be blamed on my new favorite rock band. “Give it up for MERCURY RETROGRADE!” :mask

  6. Laura J. says:

    I don’t think Merc in Retro has left me yet. *sigh*

    Went to a fantastic concert last night. Had “great” seats on the floor about 25 rows back from the stage. But here is where that f$*&^*’n Merc/retro comes in…..I’m short (5’2″ is my “basketball program” height) and everyone and I mean everyone in front of me was TALL!!!!! I did get some good photo shots of Train and Maroon 5 (and Matt Nathanson)…okay actually I got some good shots of Adam and Pat. I think there were other band members there too, but can’t be 100% sure though. But I digress….I spent almost the entire concert ducking around tall people so I could see. My middle son, the T-man, mentioned afterwards that there should be special seating for tall people behind all the short people. I wouldn’t be complaining about tall people if they were all male hotties, but they weren’t.

    Stupid Mercury in retro!

  7. Kathleen O says:

    Yep I too am glad to see the back of this Mercury in Retrograde shit… :biteme ,oh excuse my language…But I think things are looking up..
    I got my new passport in the mail today, after having to have the pictures retaken twice… Now this is great because next week the BFF’s and I are going on our annual girls weekend and it would have been a bummer if I got to the the US Border and they refused me entry…
    Now if only some money that I need to be reimbursed will come in by Wednesday, when I go to the spa with the BFF’s. See I had to start having massage therpay and you have to pay up front for this, they didn’t tell me that.. The physical thearpy part, they just bill you.. So I am out a couple of hundred bucks already, and I had this ear marked for the Spa..
    Oh I know all of these things in the face of what happened on the eastern part of the US, are trival, but then my brothers dog died and we all just adored Tanner.. We lost my mother, my SIL mother and the dog all with in three months..
    So I am glad then to see the last of this MERC in Retro leave us..
    And I think I will hibernate for the next one…

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