Manuscript Monday

It happens every time, in every book I write.

At some point—eventually, inevitably—I hit a love scene. :smooches Sometimes more than one, depending on the story.

And while they’re great—wonderful, even—& I know how much you look forward to them, they’re usually one of the most difficult parts of a story to write.

Maybe because I have to be so careful of my word choices.  Or because I want to be sure it reads smoothly & naturally. :iceskatingman

Maybe, too, because love scenes tend to be critical to the plot of a romance novel…they are, most times, a turning point for the characters. :iceskatinggirl

Which is why I’m always very conscious of how & what I’m writing.

Add to that the fact that I always think a love scene is only going to be a handful of pages…then it just keeps going & going & going…  Like the Energizer Bunny!  They end up being a full chapter, sometimes two.

My characters talk & tease & get to know each other even better.   And the sex just goes on & on & on!

So this Manuscript Monday, while I’m in the thick of yet another stellar love scene—because while it may be dragging on my end, once I finish & polish it up, I’m confident you guys will think it’s stupendous :yeah —I’m reminded of the popular & very, very true quote:


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:


    I love your love scenes. Slowly building up and teasing until they just can’t keep their hands off each other. Yep, looking forward to reading this one.

    • Heidi says:

      THANK YOU, Mary! That’s what I strive for. :reindeer lights And I always hope that from the outside looking in, they’re a lot less stressful than being on the inside. :dancingtree

      Of course, it takes a lot longer to write 5 or 10pgs than it does to read them…especially when it’s a hot scene you don’t want to put down. :rasssp

  2. Donna A says:

    But you do it so well we think it trips off your fingers to the keyboard

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