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In case you didn’t hear me shouting from the rooftops, MY BOOK IS DONE!  And more than that MY BOOK IS TURNED IN!  I can breathe again.  (Albeit shallowly.)  And I have time to catch up on a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off in order to finish PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS.  (Though not much time.)

First, I shall shower & take a nap.

Well, okay, I already did those things.  Although, I napped first (read:  passed out at my desk two seconds after sending the manuscript to my editor) & bathed second.


I am so flipping hungry for pizza, I cannot tell you.  Still haven’t ordered one because I want to be able to sit down & really enjoy it, & I’ve still felt a bit rushed with everything that’s going on.  But soon.  Soon, a pizza shall be mine.  Muahahaha!

Then, if the weather & my schedule could cooperate, I need to mow the grass.  One more time (at least), mostly because the mower really needs to be run before it’s put away for the winter.

My pile of Free Book Friday books & other giveaway items just keeps getting taller & taller, too.  I really need to get those packed up & in the mail before those of you who are expecting something think I’ve died or given your books away to someone else. :lolgeez

Oh—& let’s not forget that I’ve finally jumped into the Mac world with both feet.  No going back now.  A better friend than I deserve came over & got me started again (because I’d kinda-sorta tried to do this once before, but got nervous & went back to the PC).  And because my PC is crashing so often now, he’s afraid it might crash & take all of my data with it.  So from now on, I am forbidden from using it unless absolutely necessary.

The learning curve is sharp…& steep…& I’m going 90MPH.  But hopefully I’ll get there.  This post, in fact, is being put together exclusively on the Mac.  And I’m doing okay. *snicker*  It’s just a matter of getting all of my stuff from the PC to the Mac & then learning the Apple way of doing things.  Oy.

There are a lot of other tiny tasks I need to deal with, as well…the To Do list, it seems, is never-ending.

And then…THEN!…I need to jump into Book 2.  I have a pretty good idea of how I want to start, but still need to sit down & do some major plotting. :gimmeaminute


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  1. Ruth A. Chestnut says:

    Heidi, happy that everything is starting to come together for you. Hope you get your pizza soon. Good luck with your MAC. Can’t wait to see who you have chosen for our Hunk of the Month. :lucky7

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Ruth! But check yesterday’s post—Jack O’Lantern will be October’s Hunk of the Month. He’s in Wednesday’s post now, but will be moving to the sidebar on the 1st. :elvis

  2. Hollie says:

    Yay!! Enjoy your moment of freedom!!! :drink

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