it’s sexy time

Great writing last night on Top Secret Project #3! :img14

I’m working on the first (possibly only, since it’s a short project) love scene right now, & am doing something a little different than I’ve done before.

Now, don’t get all worked up; we’re not talking leprechauns or Martians or extra appendages.

But don’t get excited, either, because we’re also not talking uber-erotica or threesomes or (overly) offensive language. :img10

A lot of times, though, my characters’ relationships follow a very realistic pattern:  sexual attraction…first kiss or maybe a lot of kissing & even a little groping…the on to the good stuff.  This time, however, my hero & heroine are divorced, so they’re extremely familiar with each other, & get-to-know-you time isn’t necessary.

Which means I can get to the good stuff much faster.  And in this instance, the good stuff is very good indeed.


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  1. PattiF says:

    Heidi’s teasing us again! :img14

    I am seriously in need of a Heidi Betts fix.

    :img19 :img22 :img32

    • Heidi says:

      First comment of the day…really early, too! Congrats—the Golden Halo is yours, & now you’ve gotta be a Good Girl all day. :img34

      Yes, a bit of a tease. And thank you so much; I know it’s been a bit of a stretch since my last release & there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but I really appreciate that you’re ready, willing, & eager when this story comes out. :img32

  2. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    Now that version of the song is stuck in my head…lol
    Looking forward to this book :img13

    • Heidi says:

      LOL Sorry about that! It’s kind of stuck in mine, too. :img19

      But yay—thank you! So happy to hear that. I can’t wait, either, & I haven’t even finished writing it yet. :img14

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