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Word of the Week: Facebook MinuteAn elongated and obscure period of time spent distracted on Facebook when the original intent was to merely check your messages.


My plan for today was to regale you with details about my weekend yard sale excursion.  Something along the lines of I Survived the 100 Mile Yard Sale & All I Got Was This Lousy Pile of Junk. :kittylaugh

However, it is currently 9 p.m.  I have been running all day.  A couple of minor, unexpected crises have cropped up that must be dealt with.  And I’m still tired from the yard sale, let alone today’s events, so I honestly don’t have the energy to go into detail about much of anything right now. :sleeping


Y’all are gonna have to cut me some slack here & let me have a lazy day.  Which actually won’t be lazy at all…it involves more running, both related & unrelated to the minor crises.  Le grande sigh. :spikey   And fair warning that I probably won’t get around to a yard sale recap until next week now, since the rest of this week’s posts are already written & scheduled.  Just…bear with me, okay?  You know I’ll be back & all kinds of chatty once I get a few things out of the way. :umbrella

And in the meantime, I shall leave you with some funnies that I bookmarked for the lead-up to HER LITTLE SECRET, HIS HIDDEN HEIR‘s release…but somehow forgot about.  Whoopsie. :bart



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  1. Hollie says:


    Happy MONDAY!!!

  2. Fedora says:

    ROFL! Thanks for the giggles, Heidi!

  3. Laura J. says:

    Okay….I get it! I can’t cook well, but I can boil water. Geesh, people.

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