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Even though it’s been on my calendar for months, I just looked at the date…then looked farther down at a later date…& realized that the New Jersey Romance Writers conference where I agreed to give a wee speech is coming up really, really soon.  Like in only two short weeks.  Can you say, Aaaaaaaaaaaghh! :whhhat

Where did the time go?  How did it get to be October already?  And what the heck was I supposed to talk about again?

Oh, yes, I remember—Fear of Failure, Fear of Success.  Kind of a tall order, huh?  But I’m probably a pretty good person to speak on the subject, since (much like Adrian Monk) I’m afraid of lots of stuff.  Spiders, snakes, earthquakes, tomatoes, my basement, pink lipstick, bad perms…

perm cat Pictures, Images and Photos

The fears of failure & success are a little different, of course, but I’ve got plenty of those, too.  And although the rapid passing of the summer months has caught me somewhat unaware, I do have a few notes jotted down for what I want to talk about.

But since I’d like to cover as many specific fears as possible, I thought I’d do a quick poll to see if any of my fellow writers out there (unpublished & published alike) might have more to add to the list.

So think about it…  Where the business of writing is concerned, what are your biggest Fears of Failure & Fears of Success?

Let me know, & you may just make it into my speech.  Anonymously, of course. :stalker


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  1. Paula R. says:

    Hey lady, I will see you there. I can’t wait! As a newbie writer one of my biggest fears is that what I am writing doesn’t make sense? I also fear that no one will want to read it? Another fear is that I will even finish the manuscript. How do you get around the self-doubt? Just a few things I worry about. I plug away every day, but how do you not compare yourself to one of your favorite authors?

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  2. Paula R. says:

    Another fear is that what if I can’t do it again, if I do manage to write a book that was good enough?

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  3. Webgal Jeannie says:

    I have to say, no one claim a worse perm in their life than I can. Sixth grade. A year for all pictures to be permanently blotted from the earth.

    Someone, ANYONE should have mentioned to me that if I already had wavy/curly hair, a perm was NOT a smart idea. Oy.

    Anyway, on writing– a friend and I were having a conversation about this a few months back. Some of the things we determined for her was the fear of it not being fun and the fear of not being in control of it anymore — once the deadlines loomed, the editors and agent had their say, would it still bring the rush it brings her now? Would she still LOVE to write?

    It was a big realization for her.

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