Hunk of the Month

Time to vote in a sexy new Hunk of the Month for The Dungeon sidebar! #smiley1

So which of these Dungeon Hotties would you like to see hanging around our hallowed halls through March?

(Dirty, Dirty Boy)

(Sexy is That Way)

(Storm Warning)

(Think Sexy)

Who should be our Hunk of the Month for March?

Dirty Boy
That Way
Storm Warning
Think Sexy

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  1. Dee says:

    Yum. Dibs. I know who my vote was for.



  2. Ruth C. says:

    #smiley5 It’s a hard choice again this month. I vote for 2 of them in the side bar. Storm Warning and Think Sexy please. And DIB’s on Storm Warning. #smiley19

  3. Donna A says:

    I vote for the dirty boy.


  4. Brooke C says:

    Oh man, tough choice this month! I finally settled on Think Sexy. It seems that he isn’t nearly as popular as Dirty but that’s okay, I can keep him all to myself #smiley24

  5. Mary Kirkland says:

    Storm Warning was the best.


  6. Kathleen O says:

    A little late with my vote.. but I will take That Way!!! #smiley19

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