Soooo…I don’t know if you noticed or not, but a couple of weeks ago, I updated our right sidebar with wonderful late-Summer fun! :leaves:

New jokes, new pics, new quotes, a new Hunk of the Month…  We’ve got it all, & we wear it well.  :divadeer:

So check it out & see what you think. :okchippie:

Also as you may have noticed, we’ve got brand new emoticons! :hamspire:

Autumn & Halloween this time around—which may require an update to the sidebar again sooner rather than later :fortune: —but it is almost that time of year already, & the Summer emojis didn’t seem quite appropriate anymore. :noghost:   Besides, we do want to play with them for a while before Thanksgiving & Christmas take over, don’t we? :allsmiles:

You know the drill:  Play! Play! Play!  Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! :juggle: