Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everybody!  Can you believe we’re heading into the last week of June already? How did that happen? :nowait

Today, I AM HAPPY that we’re getting a bit of a break from last week’s hot spell.  I honestly can’t handle high temperatures & humidity.  :hotstuff   I hope the break is a long one, but will take what I can get—even if it means dealing with more rain & thunderstorms.

I AM HAPPY that Gram’s viewing & funeral, etc. are all that is over & done with.  I thought things might settle down & go back to normal once they were out of the way, & so far that hasn’t been the case, but I’m still hoping…

And though it might sound bad, I AM HAPPY that Gram is finally gone.  Having her lie there in that hospital bed, turning into a mummy before our very eyes, was horrible.  Better to have her pass & be at peace than that she linger any longer.

I AM HAPPY, too, to have the afghan back that I made for Gram several years ago when I was first learning to crochet.  It never occurred to me that anyone else would want it, but a cousin took it home with her after she visited Gram in the hospital.  She brought it back for me, though, & I’m very glad to have it.  It’s just about the only thing I ever made for Gram that she liked, appreciated, & actually used, so it has more sentimental value for me than I ever would have expected. :angel

Your turn to share!  What are you happy or grateful for this week?

Now to announce the winner of Friday’s Free Book Friday giveaway—Picture Me Dead by Heather Graham…

:chickendance Colleen C.!!! :chickendance

Congratulations, Colleen! :patrick3 Please contact me with your full name & mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


Since last Sunday was Father’s Day, I’m not sure how many people popped in to see who won that week’s Free Book Friday giveaway.  If you entered, please be sure to check it out & contact me if your name popped up!


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  1. Hollie says:

    congrats Colleen!! :thumbsup

    Hopefully things will start to go back to normal for you soon Heidi!!
    We are still in the midst of a drought :hotstuff …and we have stupid ppl wanting to light off their firecrackers..but I’ll save that rant for Moan and Groan Monday!

    Today I am grateful for Water!! In the swimming pool..in the sprinkler..coming out of the Tap!! hmmm water :eeee
    I am also grateful for 4 more days of Summer School…then the whole month of July off..ahhhh freedom!!! :cool ‘
    We leave for NY state on Friday early AM! (early am to me is 4…early am for hubster is 9) another Rant…….
    We are going to stay in my Aunties RV in the adirondack mountains in their yard…hopefully the black bears will be busy doing other things, and leave us alone.
    Happy Sunday Everyone!!! :patrick

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Congrats Colleen!

    I have a lot to be grateful and happy about right now. My daughter turned 21 on the 22nd and we had her birthday dinner and pool party yesterday. Time flys, let me tell you.

    My mom passed away one year ago today…but I am so grateful I was able to find my older brother that she gave up for adoption and they had 8 years to get to know each other before she passed away. I know it meant the world to both of them.

  3. Kathleen O says:

    Things will settle down from your grandmother’s funeral. It just takes time.. And don’t feel bad about being happy that she is at peace.. That is what we want for our loved ones, even though I know your relationship was not the best, you still did not want her to suffer… I was at my mother’s bed side for three days before she passed away and each moment, I prayed for her peace.. And we got that..

    I am happy today that there is nothing for me to worry about. That I am relaxed and have read two books this weekend and starting the third.. Life is good.. :cool

  4. Colleen C. says:

    :patrick3 Oh my goodness! Wow! I am so happy about seeing my name listed as the winner! I am dancing along with the icons! :chickendance Thank you so much Heidi! :eeee Sending off e-mail soon!
    I am glad you were able to get your afghan back… when my grandmother passed away… my uncle took or dumped her things without allowing my mother or I to have any momentos… I really would have liked to have had this one beautiful photo of her when she was young…

  5. Ruth Chestnut says:

    Congrats Colleen. And Colleen, I know what you mean about having mementos from your grandmother. My uncle too disposed of my grans things, I just thanked the Lord that some of her stuff was stored at my fathers house when she sold her’s and moved in with us to raise my sister and I when my mom (her daughter) died when I was 15. On a more happier note, I am happy my daughters friend flew in safely on Friday night because we were having thunderstorms. I am also happy that in 1 week I will be going on vacation for a week.

  6. Laura J says:

    If this is the last week of June then that means Wednesday is voting day for July Hunk ‘O Month.

    I’m happy because I’m sitting outside now and enjoying the nice evening we are having.

    Middle son got braces on top teeth this past week and is doing well with them. Bottom ones will go on in a few months.

    We spent the day on Fridaynat an amusement park. Heidi, I checked and so far you are still on Santa’s good list but there is still plenty of time left. :thumbsup We love Holiday World and it was even better because I won tickets to go!!

    Oldest son started his new job. He sits on a boat for 8 hours a day and if one of the construction workers falls off the bridge they are working on he gets to go fish them out. I really hope he doesn’t have to that, but thankfully is trained to handle it if he does.

    B’girl is coming along nicely on her gymnastic skills. We stil
    Don’t know what she will be competing next season, but she is working really hard. It’s good to see some of her enthusiasm come back.

    Next weekend I will be stalking Spike, Bruce Campbell and I can’t remember who else at Fandon Fest. Oh, did I say stalking? I meant, no I meant stalking (but not in a crazed fan sort of way- although will probably see some of those). :howyoudoin

  7. Cathy Ward says:

    My Mom made the afghans we all used. I distributed them to some of her grandchildren years ago. They love them.


  8. cinnamon says:

    i am grateful that i finally got all the stuff that i had stored in my daughter’s backyard moved into at least temporary storage. :Cukoo

    she got married two weeks ago, she seems to be happy (i can’t stand him, but i don’t have to live with him :nowait

    i know what you mean hollie by getting something back from your grandma that has meaning. my mom died 16 years ago (and no i didn’t get to say goodbye), my brother and sister divided everything up between themselves. oh well!!!

    on a sad note, my sister’s cat died last night, he has been very ill and my sister spent over $1800 on vet bills and finally just decided to let nature take its course. i hurt for her and my niece, it is hard to lose a beloved pet. :happysad

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