Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

How’s everybody doing this weekend?  Great, I hope…with a long list of happy thoughts you’re ready to share! :winkwink

This week, I AM HAPPY that Spring seems to have truly sprung!  I know we have a fairly mild winter, but it’s so nice to be able to open all the windows, get some fresh air, & watch The Kittehs as they positively gonzo over being able to watch & hear all the little outdoor critters—birds, squirrels, chippies—through nothing but a thin layer of screen.  I honestly thought they were going to hurt themselves the first day, they were so excited!  LOL

I AM HAPPY that the new neighbors we’ve gotten in place of the nightmare ones from last year seem great so far.  I say “so far” because we actually thought the last one was decent, too; & he was, for the first couple years, then the girlfriend & her pit bulls moved in & it was all downhill from there. :sick   But so far, this family is really friendly.  And all of the awful stuff the last neighbors did, they aren’t doing.  Instead of burning all of their trash in the middle of the back yard (which is illegal, but try getting anybody to give a sh*t around here :curses ), they cleaned up the burn pit & planted grass. :thumbsup   And even though they’ve got a dog house set up beside their porch, they are not planning to chain their dog outside.  They’re only going to use it if they need to keep the dog outside for a little while or if they’re going to be gone for a few hours during the summer.  To quote the mother—who’s obviously a woman after my own heart :blowkiss —“What’s the point of having a pet if you’re just going to leave it outside?”  Which is probably why I offered to pet sit for them, or even just run over every few hours to let the dog out if they ever need to go somewhere for an extended period.

I AM HAPPY, too, that when these same neighbors found a tick on the dog (they just adopted him & he’s their first pet), they felt comfortable enough to call me after living next door only a week.  I ran over with a tick remover, then gave them the names of the flea/tick medications they should use & the numbers for my veterinarians & the spay/neuter clinic.  It makes me happy to help, happy that I know so much of this stuff from my own long-time pet experiences, & also happy that I could give them good pet care advice when there’s a lot of bad advice & bad pet-care beliefs floating around out there.

And finally, I AM HAPPY that the editing & proof-reading on my latest Harlequin Desire manuscript are going well.  It’s a slow progress, but I’m moving right along.  It’s also reading really well, which I love.  Shouldn’t be too much longer until it’s polished & ready to go! :twirl

That’s a lot of happiness for one week, huh?  Now it’s your turn!  Tell us what’s putting you in a good mood this week or what you’re grateful for so we can give a good, old-fashioned Huzzah! in your honor. :kitty

Now to announce the winner of Friday’s Free Book Friday giveaway—an early autographed copy of my very own April Harlequin Desire release, ON THE VERGE OF I DO!

:twirl Laura J.!!! :twirl

Congratulations, Laura! :thumbsup Please contact me with your mailing information & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Tammy Beck says:

    Congrats on winning Laura.
    I’m happy this week because it’s Spring break at my son’s school. Yay, I get to turn off the alarm clock and sleep in every day. I usually get up at 5am…maybe I can sleep in till 9 or 10am this week. :twirl

    • Heidi says:

      Spring Break around here isn’t for another week or two…& some are just getting over. Do you think they do this to keep too many college kids from converging on the same FL beach at one time? :rolf

  2. Anne says:

    I’m happy because I’m doing the research for my vacation which starts May 3. We’re that kind of family. If you’re not exhausted when you come back from vacation you haven’t done it right.

    • Heidi says:

      LOL Not me. I want lazy vacations. I want to go somewhere & just lie around, being left alone. If I’m going to sight-see, it’s going to be something uncomplicated on the way to somewhere relaxing, like “Let’s take a tour bus thru this neat little rainforest on the way to the beach.” :muahaha

  3. Hollie says:

    Happy Happy Sunday!!
    and Super Congrats LJ!! :jumping
    My 1st happy come to you all courtesy of Spring!! altho it has turned a tad chilly..I will still take 60 degrees over 30!!

    My 2nd is that this is the last week before our spring break from school! Finally almost there!

    #3 is that we have been pre-approved for our car loan. Now comes the long process of actually finding a car we want to invest our money with! We are thinking a sporty little Pontiac Vibe (yes the name could be better!)with a hatchback and a sunroof. Something that gets really great gas mileage, because we to give the oil companies any more money than we absolutely have to!!! :curses

    • Hollie says:

      we refuse! the thought was there…the word didn’t get to the fingers in time! :rolf

    • Heidi says:

      Cars are not my thing, but here’s the latest I heard from a friend – she & another friend who just got a “new” (not new-new, but not too old, either) Ford Focus took a road trip about 2hrs away, did lots of running around, then 2hrs back & the gas gauge was still on Full. So I will definitely be checking out those or something similar next time around.

      And aside from that, congrats & good luck! :peekaboo

  4. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Your old neighbors sound like mine! Ugh! We are actually on the 4th family there in as many years and the last three have all been unbearable. I keep wishing our city would tell the landlords that they have to rent to better people! Yeah right. The police are a regular visitor over there, for all three families. We moved to this neighborhood when we lost our old house to a flood, I sure miss my old one!

    On a happier note. I got to take both my sons to the movies this week, just me and each son. The older one and I went to The Hunger Games and the younger to Journey2. I was glad to have a little special time with each. And as much as I love my boys I am happy that their spring break is over and they are back to school tomorrow!

    • Heidi says:

      Yeah, it’s been bad – & aren’t bad neighbors the worst? We’re in the exact same spot – one bad set of renters after another…& the landlord doesn’t give a flip as long as he gets paid. We actually had to threaten legal action against *him* last time around because he wouldn’t do anything about the problem we were having but *was* legally responsible as the property owner.

      It was kind of funny, actually, because when I talked to him & told him our next step would be for our lawyer to take legal action, he said, “Oh, yeah, you should have your lawyer write them [the renters] a letter.” I looked him straight in the eye & said, “Oh, no, you’re the property owner. He’ll be coming after YOU.”

      I hear Hunger Games is really good…tho I still have *no idea* what it’s about. :Huh I’m kind of thinking I should try the book, but I’m not always a fan of stuff that gets a lot of hype.

  5. Laura J. says:

    This just makes me feel so much better!!!!!!!! I’ve been having a bad last couple of days (changes at work, lost two of our ratties less than 24 hours apart), a cousin died this morning (I’m sad, but more for his parents-my uncle and ex-aunt than for him because he had so many issues that he hasn’t had any real quality of life in 39 years) BUT I’m not going to let any of that keep my from being grateful (because I do believe there is always more good than bad!!)!

    We did get two new ratties (and let me tell you…naming them was an exercise in patience with the B’girl) but we now have Ripley (a dumbo rat) and Emmie (a fancy rat). They are both young more the size of the other new rattie we got, Fionna. And Emmie is still a bit skittish. We think Emmie is about 8 weeks old and the other two 9-10 weeks old. But the three of them are getting along great and the other two are also okay with them (in other words…no fighting).

    Gymnastics meet season is over and now we start working towards next year. We are fortunately on spring break this week so the time off will be good for both B’girl (who had a rough last practice) and me (the work issues, which is going to work out for the better/less stress for me).

    My team is in the final 4!!! and I may have stumbled upon a little something new to add to my craft business.

    OH!!!!! And I have 49 pairs of shoes coming this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jumping

    • Heidi says:

      Sorry about your cousin *&* the ratties. Very sad.

      I’m with B-girl on the naming thing, tho. Every new baby I take in, I go weeks & even months before settling on a name—even tho I start making a list right away. It’s almost like you have to get to know them, see what their personalities are like, & see what suits them best. I’ve been lucky to land on absolutely perfect names for my kiddos, but these things cannot be rushed. :kitty

      And I’m :rolf that you got the shoes. You sure did capitulate fast. (I still haven’t gotten a SodaStream, but I AM leaning that way.)

      • Laura J. says:

        When we got Luna she *had* what we thought for the personality of Lola our very sweet rattie that passed away after Thanksgiving. B’girl picked her name because it was “astronomy” related. Little did we know at that time that our Luna would actually end up being short for Lunatic! :rolf She is such a nut!! (but in a good way) She’s so funny and has even started acting like a “dog” by fetching and bringing things to whoever has her out. Someday, maybe I will get that videoed.

        • Heidi says:

          I love that! I’d love to see a rat fetching stuff, too…too cute!

          I have 2 I swear are part puppy…they’ll play fetch, roll over, loll around. The one we named Pekoe Boo actually *loves* to play peek-a-boo. Can’t remember if we knew that at the time or not, but the name really, really suits him. And Bella (which means “beauty” & has *nothing* to do with the Twilight movies!!! :angry ) *is* the most beautiful girl on the planet—just ask her. :winkwink

  6. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Congrats, Laura!

    I used to have 2 rats. I worked at a petshop and a little boy was being forced into giving up his beloved pets. He asked as I was putting them into their new dwellings, “Will they really be snake food?” Obviously Dad had prepared him for the worst. I wanted to assure the boy they wouldn’t, but I knew that the shop often sold adult rats for that very purpose.

    *sigh* What was a girl to do?

    “No,” I told him. “Because I’m taking them home with me.”

    And I did. They lived almost five more years.

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