Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  Oh, how I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week…& are looking forward to another great one ahead of us!

I have to admit, my week has had some ups & downs.  Mercury in Retrograde is kicking my butt! :vampire   I’m keeping my chin up, though, & some good things have happened that are worth mentioning!

I AM HAPPY that both a very good friend & a neighbor up the street have found their missing dogs!  One was a Great Dane, the other a Pug—both rescued, I’m delighted to say—but can you believe two dogs in such close proximity ran off at nearly the same time?  My friend’s Great Dane went missing on a Thursday morning & didn’t come back until Saturday afternoon…& the Pug has been missing for three, nearly four weeks.  Holy cow!  I know I was praying for both of them, & I just kept saying they could still come home.  I mean, how many stories have you heard about animals being lost for weeks & months & years, & then just showing up one day?  Animals are awesome that way.  I just wish we could ask them about their adventures & find out where they were all that time! :batmoon   I also love being right about this sort of thing. :vamp

I AM HAPPY that I got the yard mowed again.  Sigh. Even though the heat & humidity were unbearable, it was so nice to have that stretch where it didn’t rain & the grass didn’t grow.  Yay!  But then the heat let up & it did rain…& that damn grass turned green & got out of control again.  This latest turn will buy me a little time, but I’ll betcha anything I can’t make it to winter.  I want to, but I don’t think I can. :biteme

I AM HAPPY I’ve got two giant containers of fresh blueberries in my refrigerator.  Oh, how I love blueberry season!  It’s quickly coming to a close, which makes me very, very sad, but for now, it’s all blueberries all the time.  And I mean that…I’m starting to get a blue tint to my skin from eating so many of the things! :mask

And last but definitely not least, I AM HAPPY to finally have my Bookseller/Librarian Mailing for MUST LOVE VAMPIRES done.  Whew.  Bookmarks & cover flats & shelf-talkers are all in the mail, & the book’s release is right around the corner.  Next up, shining our stilettos for a massive Street Walker invasion! :dancer

So, see…even in the midst of Mercury’s little hissy fit, good things can still happen! :flash

Now it’s your turn…tell your fellow Darlings of The Dungeon what you’re thankful & grateful for this week!


As for the winner of this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway—Julia London’s The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

:dancingbat  Jamie D.!!! :dancingbat

Congratulations, Jamie! :drinkonme   Please contact me with your real name & mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Jane says:

    :tada Congrats to Jamie. Heidi, I’ve read a few blog posts about Mercury in retrograde and all the freaky stuff that has been happening. :elvira I’m really enjoying this new show called Strike Back on Cinemax and I’ve been stuffing my face with some fried foods(this always makes me happy.)

    • Heidi says:

      Stupid Merc in Retro is like Murphy’s Law. And it happens 3x/yr, 3wks each. WTF is that about? :purplebat

      Saw previews for Strike Back, btw, & thought it looked good. I don’t get Cinemax, but maybe it will repeat or come to regular cable one of these days with lots of stuff bleeped out. :lol

  2. Donna says:

    Today I celebrate the fact that my husband has willingly shared his life with me for the past 18 years. I don’t know if its guts or stupidity but I love him for it anyway. :drinkonme

    • Heidi says:

      Happy Anniversary, Donna! :drinkonme I’m sure there are only rare moments when you pull a :elvira & he’s delighted to be married to you the rest of the time. :coffin

  3. KathleenO says:

    Conngrats to Jamie.. enjoy your book.. I am so glad your nieghbours got their dogs back..

    I can’t say that anything freaky has happened to me this past week, but I am grateful that I have friends and family who were able to drive me to different appointments this past week and take me shopping..

    This week is going to quiet…I hope and I can get some serious reading done.. Today is rainy Sunday, good day to finish my book and then start another one…

    And Happy Anniversary Donna and her DH…

    • Heidi says:

      It’s rainy here, too, Kathleen! I’m okay with it, tho, cuz it’s keeping it cool. :biteyou

      And yay for shopping. I say any day you can do that is a good day. :money

  4. Hollie says:

    :dancingbat Congrats to Jamie and to Donna and her husband!!

    I am happy today that I have survived the 1st 3 days of school…getting up at 4am is kicking me in the arse…let me tell you! 177 school days left until Summer vaca! :dancingelvis

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Hollie, I do not envy you that. Glad the kiddies will soon be back on the bus & done screaming thru the back yards, but I remember how draining the school year can be. And you’re already counting down; this cannot be good. :uhoh

  5. Mary Kirkland says:

    Congrats to Jamie! 🙂

    I am happy that my poor little rat is feeling better after having a big abscess on his stomach. The vet cleaned it out and told me to give him Children’s Advil three times a day and after 3 weeks it’s finally just about gone. I’m just so happy it wasn’t a tumor.

    I am happy the new irregular heartbeat I have isn’t something to be worried about. Just feels weird as heck.

    • Heidi says:

      Geez, Mary, you’d better take care of yourself. I have heard about “innocent murmurs,” tho.

      And yay that your rat is feeling better. My cats have gotten abscesses a time or two, too, & they’re icky, but usually quite treatable, thank goodness. Had to be rough on the little guy, tho. :thinking

  6. Laura J. says:

    Congrats Jamie!!!! And a very Happy Anniversary to you Donna!!!! You share the same anniversary with my bestest friend and her hubby and they have also been married 18 years!!

    Wow!! So happy both doggies are home with their families! But I got to ask….how do you lose a Great Dane?!?!?!?

    I think mercury/retro is kicking my butt too. It’s either that or menopause and probably both. I know I haven’t been around much, I’m pretty much living on a roller coaster of emotions right now. Should be better later this weekish. I sent my oldest off to college and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. I did good though and only cried once on Friday when I dropped him off (and mainly the tears were because I was ticked off at hubby) and I didn’t cry in front of my son. We are texting back and forth (mostly about stuff he’s still gonna need of course) but I know he and his roommate are getting along and he’s already met some people, one he hasn’t seen since he was in 6th grade. His actual classes start Wed so I’m thinking I’ll feel much more relaxed in about a week. Or maybe next May.

    My other two are also back in school and it is so nice to have them in the same school “system” (last year one went to a charter school and the other was in the local public school system). B’girl made the switch this year and seems to really enjoy her new school. She does miss her friends at her old school but they are staying in touch.

    I start my docent (zoo educator) class on Wednesday and I’m really looking forward to that.

    Also, I’m gonna make a plug for the yahoo group for Heidi…if you are not a member, you should be. We won’t flood your email with stuff, but we are hoping to be a bit more active with some fun stuff. If you want to join just go to the Links page at the top of this one and click on Heidi Betts “Happy Bookers” and it should take you to the page where you can ask to join….just make sure you tell me that you saw it here or you love Heidi’s books (trust me when I say I’ve gotten some “weird” reasons for people wanting to join).

    Also, if you want to help promote Heidi’s books be sure to join the Street Walker Yahoo group. It’s super easy and fun and well, in case you haven’t heard…Heidi has a new book coming out soon and you can join in the street walking fun!!

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I think you don’t so much “lose” a Great Dane as the Great Dane decides to run off & there’s not much you can do about it. They live kinda in the woods & I think those dogs scent deer & porcupines & rabbits, then just take off like a shot. This time, tho, she must have gotten REALLY lost!

      Having the kiddo at college will take some getting used to, but once everybody gets settled, I’m sure you’ll both end up loving it! And the other two are going to have a great school year, too!

      Mama’s workin’ at the zoooooooo! Am I allowed to sing the boa constrictor song for you? :lol

      And thanks for the Happy Booker plug. Listen to Darling Laura, folks! I also want to do a post soon, sharing all my links & groups, so watch for that! :elvis

      • Laura J. says:

        I love Great Danes! It’s like have a horse and dog all rolled into one! (btw…have you seen the video of the soldier that comes home from deployment and is greeted by his great dane? It’s awesome!)

        I can’t wait until I get to hold and play with the animals. But only those that have 0-4 legs. Snakes are one of my favorites (as long as they don’t sneak up on me), but we also get to hold rats, hedge hogs, ferrets, bearded dragons, birds (one of which was there when I volunteered at the zoo many years ago and apparently is the still the same rambunctious bird that he was back then). There are also millipedes and hissing cock roaches but they don’t fit in that 0-4 leg category so I won’t be getting those out to show.

        • Heidi says:

          They *are* like horses, & they eat every darn thing! LOL

          I’m with you on which animals I’d hold. I’m okay with the others, but let’s just say they don’t fall into the “cuddly” category. :vamp2

  7. Diana Robledo says:

    First off, congratulations to Jamie D.!

    Today, I am happy that the sun is shining bright, our yard is mowed (guess it was due on more than one yard), and I’m about to start a new semester at the local community college.

    I am thankful for the public school system and that my kids are returning Wednesday and the following Monday…

    • Heidi says:

      Hey, my yard is mowed, too! Finally. But it better last, cuz I ain’t doin’ it again anytime soon. :face No sun, though…lots of rumbly thunder & rain instead. (It’s vampire weather! LOL :cape )

      Congrats on the new school year—for everybody! :aces

  8. Lori Vargas Agnew says:

    I am Happy that everyone has something to be happy about . Plus I’m trying to be happy about going to work tomorrow for a week that I really didn’t have to. I’m smiling though yes I am, am to . It really stormed here in Philly today but the roof only leaked a little and the basement only flooded some and Hubby didn’t wring the neighbors neck because he doesn’t keep his drain clean and thats why the basement floods we get all the water in ours . So I’m Happy for everyone and I can’t wait for TrueBlood tonight . Thanks for having me here this is a truly wonderful place to be. Have a great week everyone . take care. Lori V. xoxoxoxox

    • Heidi says:

      You’re so good to put in the extra hours when you don’t have to. Bet something neat happens that you would have missed otherwise.

      And, you know, your neighbor really isn’t allowed to let water from his property/drain flood your property. You should tell him about it & ask him to fix it…& if he doesn’t you can… Well, I don’t know exactly what you can do that won’t cost you a little money (like to a lawyer), but you can get that stopped. Insurance agent, maybe? Local magistrate or such?

  9. Cathy W. says:

    More rain here in the coming week…forecasted for 5 out of next 10 days… and news already announced wettest month on record.
    So glad you friends got their dogs back. I’d be in agony if mine got lost.
    Donna… congrats to you and hubby.
    :elvira :dancingelvis

    Mary, I’ve had irregular heartbeat since 1987. Just avoid caffeine and, if you smoke, you should quit, although I didn’t do that.


    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Cathy, me, too! The two times this summer my cats got out, I was a basket case…& I got them back in pretty quickly. I prayed & prayed & prayed for those dogs, & when my friend called to say the Dane had come home, I bawled with happiness. After 2.5 days for one & 3+wks for the other, I don’t mind saying it’s a miracle. :coffin

      Also…QUIT SMOKING, Cathy! I need my readers to be out there living long, healthy lives! :vamp

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