Happy Sunday

“Gratitude is born in hearts that take time
to count up past mercies.”
~Charles E. Jefferson

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Now, you’re going to have to bear with me this week, because I’m not feeling as happy & grateful as usual.  Not that anything’s wrong, it’s just been a week of busy-ness & stress & nothing particularly wonderful happening.  In other words, business as usual. LOL

But let’s strive to find something to be happy about, shall we?

I AM HAPPY that I am healthy as a horse.  I think we forget sometimes how very important this is, & how grateful we should be that we aren’t in worse shape than we are.  There are so many people out there sick & miserable & in pain, & I am infinitely thankful I am not one of them!

I AM HAPPY for the excellent health of Madame Mommy Dearest & all of my wonderful kittehs.  Especially my oldest baby, whom the vet warned me was “getting up there.” Little did he know she’d still be doing so well two years later.  Way to go, Precious! :kittylaugh

I AM HAPPY that after a bit of a slow-down, my “Dynasties:  The Kincaids” book is moving along again at a decent pace.  Man, when characters decide to stop talking to you & going with the program, they mean business. :bloody   It’s all that hot sex I’ve been forcing them to have; I think I wore them out.  :inbed

I AM HAPPY that the weather is finally nice enough to open all the doors & windows. I love all that fresh air, & so do the kittehs! :kittyplay   Even with all of the summer storms & tornado warnings, it’s still been mostly bright & lovely.

I AM HAPPY for my positive attitude & strong faith, even in the face of adversity.  Oh, yes.  I don’t know how I’d get through some days without them. :knock

Hey, that’s pretty good!  I did better than I expected to. *vbg*

Now it’s your turn.  I hope you have lots of happy-happies to share, but even if it’s been just a ho-hum kind of week for you, see how many things you can list that you’re grateful for. :whichone


And let’s not forget to announce the winner of this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway, Stud Muffins: Luscious, Delectable, Yummy (and Good Muffin Recipes, Too!)

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:getdown   Robin Blankenship!!! :getdown

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  1. Donna says:

    I am happy for my health and that of my loved ones. I am happy that I have a job. I am truly blessed to have a man that loves me to distraction. And I am happy that there are so many good books coming out in the near future.

    I am also blessed by the memory of all those that gave their lives so that we may live in peace.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Anne says:

    I’m happy tomorrow is supposed to be dry. It’s been the rainiest spring ever. Were supposed get get about 4 days of rain next week.

    I, too, have been able to open the windows and balcony door between showers to let the cool air in and cats out. There are birds and squirrels everywhere to give them some excitement (and me when they almost caught a squirrel on out balcony).

    Definitely happy to get tomorrow off!

  3. Heidi says:

    Good thing I put this post together before the sh*t hit the fan, otherwise today might have been Crappy Sunday. LOL Blew a fuse or some such, so half the lights in the house are out…plus the fridge & upright freezer. And when I tried to reset the fuse, it made a sizzle-pop, sizzle-pop noise. That cannot be good. And Mr. Fix-it can’t come til Tuesday.

    BUT…the computer & TVs didn’t go out, so I’m happy about that. And I can live with extension cords running all over to keep the fridge/freezer running.

    AND…there’s a Firefly marathon on the Science Channel all day today, so even tho I’ll be sitting in the dark for half of it, I *am* happy. :chick

  4. Jen Cryblskey says:

    Yes, sometimes I have to fight to not cut my nose off to spite my face :oucher . Moodiness has been attacking me since yesterday.

    Let’s see…I am thankful for my friends who keep me laughing. My husband who knows how to calm me down. My health because I love to exercise and would be a grouch without it. My Iphone to keep me informed. And great authors that write interesting books to give me an escape. :claphat

    • Heidi says:

      Do you think something’s in the water? Cuz I can be happy-happy, joy-joy one minute, then the next something sends me completely over the edge. :angrychick I’ve been a total b*tch at times this week & I don’t know why!

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