Happy Sunday, everybody!  We haven’t done this in a while, but I hope the down time has been filled with great stuff you’re eager to share today.  So start thinking about all the things you’re happy about & grateful for, & get ready to make a nice, long list! :dance:

This week, I AM HAPPY that I got another puppy fix by watching Rocky for a couple of days. The Kittehs weren’t exactly thrilled, but they—& Rocky—still did really well. :dogwalk:

The last time Rocky was here, he didn’t feel well.  I gave him electrolyte solution & used some antibiotic ointment for his eyes, hoping it would help.  And sure enough, when his humans took him to the vet, it turns out he had an ulcer on his eye, as well as pancreatitis.  Poor baby.

This time, though, he was feeling much better.  I knew as soon as I saw him that he was on the mend, because his eyes were bright & happy, & he had a healthy bounce in his step.  I’m so glad!  I hate it when animals are sick.

I get to watch him again at the end of September, but don’t tell The Kittehs…I haven’t broken the news to them yet. :shark:

I AM HAPPY that a plumbing issue that had me up before 8am last week turned out to be a super-easy fix. It didn’t take Mr. Plumber Man more than five minutes to set things right…& he accepted brownies as payment! :highfive:

I AM HAPPY that Comedy Central has been playing Scrubs repeats. I forgot how funny this show is!

(But how it can be more than 15-years-old already?  That makes me feel old! :crying: )

And because you can never really get enough John C. McGinley, I AM HAPPY that Season 2 of Stan Against Evil will be on IFC soon!

But my very favorite I AM HAPPY this week—so far this summer, actually—is that we’ve got oodles of berry bushes all over the place. We had berries at the old house until an asshole neighbor cut them all down, but it’s as though God is giving us back everything we left behind when we moved (& then some) because we’ve got even more berry bushes here, teeming with even ore nice, plump berries! Every day, I go outside & find more that are ripe for the pickin’…& they are DELICIOUS!!!! I love, love, love them.  :picnic:

So what are you happy about this week?  Proud of, thankful for…as long as it’s positive & upbeat, we’ll take it!  Let us know so we can be happy right along with you. :peace: