Happy Sunday

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Happy Sunday, all!  How have you been this week?  Well, I hope—with lots of great stuff to report & be grateful for! :hammock:

This week, I AM HAPPY that the unbearable heat & humidity of the past week or so has finally broken.  Thank God for air conditioning, that’s for sure; I honestly don’t know if I’d have survived otherwise.  Just going outside to collect the bird feeders nearly did me in a time or two. :sohot:

I AM HAPPY that I found a ring I lost months ago.  I knew (hoped!) it was in the house somewhere, but no matter how hard I looked, do you think I could find it? :aargh:  Then I lost another ring—I know; what the heck is wrong with me?  why do I bother wearing them at all? & when I do, why the heck do I take them off? :burger: —& while I was looking for that one, I found the formerly missing ring.

Even though the total remains TWO MISSING RINGS (one at the old house, which I don’t expect to ever see again :tears: & the most recent misplaced one here), I am still delighted to have found this one!  It gives me hope that I may eventually find the other, too. :lifeguard:

And I AM HAPPY that my new refrigerator was delivered this week.  I didn’t want to buy a new one, but with the current fridge on its last legs, it was kind of a necessity.

There were three things I did not want in a new refrigerator:

1.)  Side-by-Side Doors — I’m not a fan; they never seem to allow enough room for everything & all you do is bump your elbows trying to get in & out.

2.)  A water &/or ice dispenser in the door — Convenient or not, I’ve made the mistake of looking up into these things a few times, & if they’re not properly cared for, they can end up caked in black mold. :shark:  Disgusting.  And dangerously unhealthy.

3.)  Stainless Steel — I’m not actually against stainless steel appliances (except for the fact that they tend to get mucked up by fingerprints way more easily than anything else) but since the entire rest of my kitchen is white, I figured I might as well stick with that color scheme.

Then I walked into Lowe’s (my least favorite place to shop, fyi) & there it was—a stainless steel beauty with side-by-side doors & a water/ice dispenser in the door.  It was in the aisle, on clearance because someone had returned it.  Apparently the display unit was crooked & it had to be sent back to the factory to be re-set…then it was sent back to the store.  But they swore that was the only thing wrong with it, & even though I looked at all the other options, this one spoke to me.  I kind of fell in love with it, if you must know. :fan:

It didn’t hurt that they’d knocked nearly 50% off the original ticket price & were offering free delivery.  So despite my original list of DO NOT WANTs, I grabbed it.  (Did I mention that it offers crushed ice?  And that I adore crushed ice? :sunjuice: )

Now, having said all that, & still being in love with the new refrigerator, I must add that as soon as it was delivered, we realized it was not going to fit into the space in the kitchen. :fly:  Did I measure before I started shopping?  Yes, I did.  Did I measure the empty space rather than the old refrigerator’s dimensions?  Yes, I did.  Did the man at the store tell me they come in three basic sizes & the one I bought is the smallest of the three?  Yes & yes.  So how that happened, I will never know. :aargh:

But I’m not giving up.  I called Mr. Handyman, who is going to come & help us figure out how to make the new refrigerator work.  I’m guessing the wood around the cupboards may have to be trimmed a wee bit, & I can only hope that doesn’t end up being a complete disaster.  But I will stick the refrigerator in the middle of the room, if I have to, because it’s mine now!  Bwahahaha! :watermelon:

So how about you—what are you thankful for & celebrating this week?  Or at least not letting get under your skin.  :rollercoaster:

Don’t be shy…take a minute to share with us so we can be happy with you! :happysummer:


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  1. Hollie says:

    I am Happy today for:

    A) Finishing a project that a certain someone asked me to make ..and will be sending it out tomorrow!!!

    B) knowing that school starts here on the 4th and I will NOT be going!! Woot Woot!!!

    C) air conditioning and the pool in the backyard! It is still humid and less hot but still…

    D) for having the skin type that tans and not burns!

    That’s all the gratitude I can muster today!!
    I hope every one has an AMAZING week!!

    :hulagirl: :hulagirl: :hulagirl:

  2. Kathleen O says:

    It was a busy week, but the best of all is that I got to spend some time with the BFFs. We celebrated a milestone birthday for one of us. So we had a lot of laughs and caught up on our lives.
    I had my hair cut and pedi this week, so that makes life happy for me.

    This weekend is a long weekend here in Ontario, it is a Civic holiday on Monday. Not every province in Canada celebrates this holiday Monday. So it’s a little bit of a bonus holiday.

    This coming week is going to be a quiet week. Not much on the calendar, so lots of books will be read this week…I hope..

    The humidity is still around but not as hot as it has been although according to the weather man, the heat is going to rise again this week… :fan:

    Have a good one. :happysummer: :reading:

    • Heidi says:

      Sounds like you had a really nice week! I’m glad you had so much fun. :fan:

      I’m with you on the weather; it’s cooled down a little, but the humidity is still too high for me. And I think it’s supposed to get hot *&* humid again soon. :sohot:

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