Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my Darlings! How have the past few weeks been treating you?

Christmas & New Year’s have passed us by, which hopefully means you’ve got double, maybe even triple to be grateful for this week. Are you willing to share with your fellow Darlings of The Dungeon?

As for moi, this week I AM HAPPY that the weather has been so mild these past weeks. Yes, I missed having a White Christmas, but the higher temperatures have allowed me—mostly via Mr. Handyman :elfwink: —to get a lot more stuff done around the New House. Important, pre-freezing type stuff. Like getting the outside water turned off, pipes wrapped, & plumbing winterized… Caulking around all the windows & doors… Mowing the yard one last time… Dragging boxes & such in from the garage in hopes of freeing enough space to actually park there before it begins to snow…

I AM HAPPY that I’ve vacuumed two or three times now with my new upright vacuum cleaner & The Kittehs have been fine. Oh, they hauled booty into another room & hid until I was done—most of them, anyway—but normally Tigger is petrified of the vacuum cleaner. We’re talking hiding in the basement for up to three days! But something about this house or the carpeting or the vacuum itself doesn’t seem to bother him nearly as much as the canister vacuum on the hardwood floors of the old house. Yes, he runs to the basement, but he also comes back in only 10-20 minutes & is absolutely fine, not jumpy or anxious or anything. Yay!  :dancindeer:

I AM HAPPY that I got at least a few holiday-themed books read this season. Not as many as I may have liked, but at least I enjoyed the ones I did read. The Snowy Night with a Stranger anthology was definitely my favorite: Jane Feather’s novella started out a bit slow for my tastes, but once it picked up, it was SO GOOD…& I absolutely loved the Sabrina Jeffries’s story!

Last but not least, I must mention two TV-related items I AM HAPPY—nay thrilled—about:

1.) The fabulous, funny, highly entertaining Galavant is returning to ABC with a second season. I can’t wait! And like a cherry on top of a creamy, delicious sundae, they are going to play the entire first season before picking up where they left off! :dingaling:

2.) Finally, finally, finally, Leverage is coming back on ION. Gads, I thought they’d never tire of playing Criminal Minds & Blue Bloods repeats. Not that I don’t enjoy those shows, but really—Leverage is only THE BEST & probably THE ONLY show they should even bother playing. Can you tell I’m bouncing off the walls over this one? Yes, yes I am.  :yay:

And the cherry on top of that sundae is that I’m now getting ION East & West again, thanks to being with DirecTV over DishNetwork. (Don’t get excited; I’m still pretty much all-around disgusted with DirecTV, but I will offer them a wide smiley face for this one thing, at least. :ticktock: )

So how about you?  You’ve had a few weeks off from reporting in for Happy Sunday, which means you should have a few weeks’ worth of gratitude piled up, & we want to hear! :champagne:



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  1. Hollie says:

    Happy Sunday!
    I’m grateful that the holidays are over and that this break has been a good one.
    Now if only we could have a few snow days so the break could last a little longer…..

    Lots of good things are coming up for us in the new year. Fingers crossed!
    Little E will be graduating and starting a college in the fall. Fingers crossed that it will be an affordable college.
    I’ll be leaving my job at the close of the school year. 10 years has left a toll on my old body, mind and spirit. New challenges and hopefully an on-line crafty shop for me.
    and last, but not least, HOPEFULLY a big move. Maybe out of this state, but definitely out of this city.
    Come on 2016..let the games begin! :newyear:

  2. Heidi says:

    Wow, Hollie, you’ve got SO MUCH going on! I’m glad it’s all good stuff. You must keep me updated as you go along. :stockings:

    I’d say you have to have snow before you can have snow days, but maybe you’ve gotten more then we have. There’s a slight dusting on the ground now, but I guess it’s supposed to warm up again this week. I’m glad…but it’s not quite as pretty as a couple feet of snow. :winter:

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