Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! What kind of week have you had?  A good one, I hope, filled with lots of stuff you’re grateful for & willing to share with the group. :stockings:

This week, I AM HAPPY in the New House.  Really, really happy. :yay:  The last time I was back to the old house, I thought I’d be swamped by memories & regrets & be depressed that I wouldn’t be living there anymore.  Nope, not a one.  It’s just a house to me now (give or take :seesaw: ) & this place already feels like home, even though I’ve only been here a few weeks.

I AM HAPPY that I got the lawn mowed one last time before winter. :bumpy:  It’s kind of a large yard, & I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do it again, but then someone suggested I try to get it cut short before it started to snow…something about mold growing under the snow & having nicer, greener grass in the Spring if it wasn’t too tall through the winter.  Granted, I’m not big about gorgeous, healthy lawns because they require more mowing & care, but still…  The grass here is kind of rough & ugly—more of a prairie or mountain grass than soft, supple grass—so whatever I can do to help.  And if it doesn’t work, then next year it can just sit there, six feet of overgrown grass beneath the snow, covered in yucky mold.

I AM HAPPY that—even though it started out as a Yikes! :mistletoeflash: —one of The Kittehs clued me in to a leak in the water tank connected to the furnace of the New House early on.  I was able to call & get a friend to come by & stop the drip right away, then call & get someone from the heating company out here the next day to fix it properly. :snowman:

And finally—not New House-related at all—Galavant! Galavant, Galavant, Galavant! I AM HAPPY that this show is returning in January.  If you didn’t see Season One, you missed a heck of a good time!  It’s funny, it’s catchy, it’s got great songs, hilarious one-liners, & a sexy lead.  I can’t wait!  I also can’t wait to get the first season on DVD.  (Hint-hint, ABC. :elfwink: )

And all of that pretty much makes me happier than a turtle on an escalator! :grinch:

How about you?  What are you thankful for this week?  Happy about?  Ready to share? :kissletoe:

We’re here, all bundled up in our Christmas pajamas with a warm glass of milk, just waiting to be happy with you!



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  1. Kathleen O says:

    I am so happy for you that you have moved into your new house and into making your Home…
    I am so thankful this week for family and friends. This past weekend I spend with family, my youngest cousin, who is like my little sister and her kids are so special to me too.. And the weekend before I spent it with one of my BFF’s.. We had a great time too.. :xmaspalm: It makes the holidays oh so special..

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