Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my Darlings of The Dungeon!  How be you this fine weekend?  (Yeah, I’ve been reading historicals lately; I guess the uber-proper way of speaking has rubbed off. img25 )

As you know, I believe in counting my blessings—even when things may not be going so well img36 —& like to use WIPs and Chains as a forum to share & spread positive thinking as much as I can.  So let’s get started! img19

This week, I AM HAPPY with the book I’ve been reading.  Remember when I asked you to help me choose?  Well, I went with Passions of a Wicked Earl by Lorraine Heath.  Would you believe me if I said it was a teeny-weeny bit of an accident again? img11

After all your comments & recommendations, I was leaning more toward Heather Graham’s Ghost Moon, but when I finished Nancy Warren’s Shotgun Nanny (very good, by the way—if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend it! img38 ), Moon was downstairs & I was upstairs…with Wicked Earl right there at my fingertips.  So I went with it & have not been one bit sorry.  It’s wonderful!  I highly recommend it, as well, & since it’s the first of a trilogy, I can’t wait to get my hands on the other two books. img37

I AM HAPPY with the reactions I’ve been getting from neighbors as I slowly inform them that we’re in the process of moving.  With the exception of the problem neighbors (who may or may not know; I’m sure not making a point of telling them), they have all responded with sad surprise and comments like, “Oh, no—but you’ve been such good neighbors!” & “We’ll be so sorry to see you go!”  Isn’t that sweet? img40

I told you—we really are GOOD neighbors!  We’ve always been friendly & helpful & kind & considerate.  Just because one bad apple is in the basket doesn’t mean it’s the other apples’ fault. img36

They’ve also all pretty much asked the same rhetorical question once the news has set in:  “I wonder what kind of people will move in next.  I hope they’re like you guys.”  Double  img25 .

I really am going to miss some of these folks, & being able to pick up the phone or walk over to ask a question or for a favor…& to have them be able to do the same.  But hopefully we can all stay in touch & will even run into each other once in a while when we’re out & about. img15

I AM HAPPY, too, that one of my neighbors has shown an interest in my house.  I can’t imagine that anyone would want to move just a few houses over in the same town, especially after putting so much work into their current home, but she just loves the size & layout of this house & yard.  So, hey, I’ll put her in touch with my real estate agent & see what happens.  I do know that I’d be more than happy to have her living in my old house; not just happy, but relieved.  Knowing her the way I do, I know she’d take really good care of the place & not let it go to ruin down the road. img10

What else?  Oh!  I AM HAPPY that I have finally—after a couple of years of owning the stupid thing—figured out how to print labels on my iMac.  It’s not that I didn’t know where the labels option was, but that I couldn’t figure out how to get it to show me the grid that separated the labels not the page.  Without that, I had no clue where to stick the address for printing.  But I finally fiddled around enough that I got the lines added & have managed to print perfectly lovely shipping labels—even though the grid prints each time, too. img43

This means I can finally get rid of my old PC.  I was keeping it as back-up, just in case, but in all the time that I’ve owned my iMac, the only thing I’ve ever used it for was powering up my old Word template to print out labels.  If I can do that on the iMac & everything else I’ve needed in the last long while seems to be on the iMac, then I don’t really need that old POS PC taking up space, do I? img44

I do intend to double check with my computer guru friend, just to be safe, but I have a feeling the old PC won’t be going to the new house with me, heading for the recycle center instead. img17

So what’s going on with you guys this week?  Good stuff?  Lots of happy thoughts?  Let us know so we can do a little dance img23 & sip a couple margaritas with you. img15


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  1. Minna says:

    I’m happy because my freezer is now full of berries and I don’t have to pick any more this year neither in the garden nor in the forest. img22 And I managed to pick blackcurrants and redcurrants before my brother had the chance. He has the tendency to pick some of the berries with berry-picking rake from EVERY blackcurrant and redcurrant bush so picking what’s left after him is a bit of a pain. img28 Besides, there weren’t too many berries in the bushes this year probably because of the terrible summer weather. So, since me AND his sons got the chance to pick the berries before him this time, it’ll be his turn to pick whatever is left. img27 I’m sure there’ll still be some berries left for the birds. They certainly have spread the blackcurrant bushes here and there.

    • Heidi says:

      Love, love, love berry season! Was so happy to discover that the new house has blackberry bushes…especially since the a-hole neighbors we’ve been having trouble with chopped down all the ones we used to have down back. Not on his property, but not on ours, either. All the neighbors up & down the block were upset about that because we *all* used to go down & pick them. img43

  2. Brooke C says:

    I’m happy that my dog is doing better. I had a bit of a scare on Thursday when he surprised me on the treadmill covered in blood. He had an abscess on his neck that he had opened up last month but had gotten much smaller and the vet thought it was just scar tissue. Well, he opened it up again Thursday and it was still infected. But now he’s on antibiotics, it’s gotten even smaller and he seems to be doing a lot better. I was even able to take his cone off since he hasn’t touched it since he got home from the vet. And of course that made him happier img19

    Plus, I bought some wild blueberries at the farmer’s market and froze most of them. So I’ll be having yummy blueberries for the next little while img22

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, gosh, isn’t that scary? So glad he’s going to be okay. I’ve been there…had a cat w/ an abscess on his paw, but I thought it was broken or something. Then the dr. popped the abscess in his office & I just about barfed! img10

      I just LOVE blueberry season. I like them fresh, on cereal…not frozen or baked into stuff…but I could eat them by the pound. img29

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    It’s so nice to figure out the technology that we have. I know I have a few gadgets that I know do things but still haven’t figured out how to do all of them. I have a scrapbooking machine that cuts shapes out of paper and it has this huge keypad on it but I’ve only figured out how to do a few things on it.

    Glad the neighbors are being nice to you and are sad to see you go. Hope the new neighbors are just as nice.

    I’m happy because I won 12 books this month in giveaway contests and am just waiting for them to get here so I can read them. My tbr pile is huge right now but I don’t mind adding to it especially Dead Ice by Laurell K Hamilton is one of the books I won. woohoo!

    I’m also happy that I found an add on for my son in laws Christmas basket this year from Japan Candy Box. I ordered the 3 month subscription box that way I get to try some of the Japanese candy too. lol

    • Heidi says:

      I am not the most techno-savvy. I don’t even know how to get online w/ my cell phone, tho it has the capacity. img33 Sometimes it takes a while or you have to learn the stuff in baby steps.

      Awesome on the books! I love LKH, so I’m totally jealous of Dead Ice. I hope it’s good. img37

      Gotta ask—what’s Japanese candy? Or maybe I should ask what *kind* of candy it is. Don’t think I’ve ever had any…tho I do order special cat nip stuff (Matatabi/Silvervine) for The Kittehs from over there. img18

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