Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! How are things in your deep, dark corner of The Dungeon? img24  I hope you have lots to be thankful for this week, & are ready to share! img25

As for Mistress Heidi & myself, we have had a busy—if exhausting img41 —week…but a good one! img19

This week, I AM HAPPY that my DVRs are working again.  Yes, they’re old & obsolete; the original ones DishNetwork offered when they first began offering DVR technology. img33  But I love them & have a ton of programming recorded on them that I don’t want to lose! img10  Well, one day last week, one of them simply stopped working.  I could watch TV, but got an error message any time I tried to access my recordings.  I contacted Dish & they tried to help, but the diagnosis wasn’t good; they pretty much told me it was kaput & I’d need to upgrade to a new system. img34

Now, I actually plan to upgrade once I get into the new house. Likely sticking with Dish & switching to the Hopper.  (Who can resist an adorable kangaroo with Rebel Wilson’s voice, right? img32 )  But I didn’t want to deal with that just yet.  And again, I don’t want to lose my current programming, so I’m…meditating on what to do about that.  (Read: scheming, planning, figuring out a way to get them off & saved elsewhere. img18 )

So I ranted & raved about that for a while.  (Not to the Dish representative, just to myself. img26 )  Then I decided I’d have to switch the DVRs, taking the broken one downstairs where I don’t watch as many recorded programs & bring the working on upstairs where I do.  Not easy or fun, & for some reason, I couldn’t seem to get them working, even though I reconnected them exactly as I’d disconnected them.  And when I did get one working, it was the DEAD one.  Whaaaaa?  All of a sudden, it was working properly again, recorded programming & all! img23  So I switched them again, back to their original positions.  More swearing & aggravation as they vexed me thoroughly img28 but finally I got everything set up & everything was working again.  Just like the Bad Thing never even happened.

Don’t ask me what that was all about, but I’m just glad it worked out, & that I can once again put off upgrading until we’re fully moved. img38

Speaking of The Move, I AM HAPPY that everything is coming along.  Slowly but surely, we’re getting things hauled to the new house.  Slowly but surely we’re getting in contact with the people we need to contact.  And slowly but surely we’re getting the repairs done that really need to happen sooner rather than later.  As beautiful a house as it is, there are issues & we do have to hire folks to do the heavy fixin’. img36  But progress is being made! img22

And finally, I AM HAPPY that Madame Mommy Dearest is as happy with & excited about the new house as I am.  When I mentioned hoping we’d be completely moved by the end of the summer—if not sooner; the end of August would be ideal, frankly—she said, “Me, too!  Every time I’m there, it just feels right.”  Which isn’t what she was saying a month ago; a month ago, she was a nervous wreck & said she felt like throwing up every time she thought about moving. img11  So that’s certainly a nice change, & I sure am delighted that she’s finally delighted. img18

How about you?  What great stuff is going on with you this week?  I hope it’s fun & fabulous & fantastic, well worth bragging about & being grateful for!  And I hope you’ll be willing to share them with us. img20


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh so Madam Mommy Dearest is moving into the house with you? That’s wonderful. It’s always nice to have your parents close by. My dad who is 85 years old live about 45 minutes away with my step mother.

    I am happy that the crazy neighbor next door moved out. woohoo!


    • Heidi says:

      Yep. I moved home when my dad died & sort of never left again. img15 But honestly, MMD spends so much time pet-sitting at other people’s homes, I expect to be there by myself most of the time. Hopefully img39

  2. Anita says:

    I had a great laugh over the joke about heat to the right. Thanks! >>


  3. cinnamon chaisson says:

    i commend you for living with your Mother, not something that i could have done (she died in 1996), and i couldn’t imagine myself living with either of my children. i like my space.

    glad to hear that “the move” is proceeding nicely, i HATE moving, and after living here for almost 20 years, the idea just makes me cringe.

    had a “me” day on Saturday, took a drive to the next town from us (1 1/2 hour drive each way). it was great to have a change of scenery, and i visited their library, which is in the same system as ours but SO different!! took out 40 books so i am going to be extremely busy for the next 3 weeks img33

    it is not like i don’t have enough books in my TBR piles but sometimes i latch on to an author and want to read everything they have written. then i go back to the TBR pile. img30

    nice to take a mini vacation but getting old sucks bigtime, i was so tired when i got home that i could barely function. oh well, made up for it today, got some of the bedroom cleaned up, three bags of clothes/shoes for charity and several arm loads of same to the lady down the hall who was really grateful.

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