Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  How are My Darlings doing this week?

This week, there is only one thing for which I want to shout my gratitude from the rooftops…

I AM HAPPY at the amazing, wonderful, miraculous turn-round with my little doodlebug, Harley Quinn!

In case you missed it, all of the nitty-gritty details—from lumpy worries to remarkable recovery—are here.

But suffice it to say that, after a veterinary visit & making plans to have the lump on Harley’s side surgically removed, he was seen by the other (one of two associates) veterinarian & we were told surgery probably wasn’t the best move.  The doctor suspects the lump is something minor & benign, & he sent us home to simply “watch” it.  If it gets bigger or there are other problems, then we’ll revisit the situation, but we’re all crossing our fingers that the thing simply shrinks & disappears. :smile51

 photo tempharley2_zpsd56a20d8.jpg

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again:  as long as he’s okay, nothing else matters.  This week, at least. :smile9

So how about you?  What great news & gratitude do you have to share with us this week?  It’s probably not going to be as good as my news :smile19 but we still want to hear it!


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Aww what a great picture of the little furr ball. So glad he’s doing good.


    I am happy that we asked the manager for a new AC because ours was freezing up and she actually came through and gave us a new one. It’s still 97F here so we really needed a working AC.

    • Heidi says:

      Isn’t he a cutie? :smile14 I know, I know—I’m his mama, so of course I think that. As MMD would say, “Every mama crow thinks her baby crow is blackest.” :smile9 But he really is such a cutie & such a sweetheart…when he’s not being a little dickens. :smiley60

      Congrats on your new A/C. That really is nice that you didn’t have to b*tch & complain forever before your landlady took care of the problem, especially where you are. I just took the A/C out of my window & was so annoyed because I’d put it in on the hottest day of Summer, used it just that day, then never again. :smile55 But you know, if I didn’t have one, I’d have been even hotter & more upset. :smile27

      Try to stay cool, if you can. :smile40

  2. Dee says:

    I am so happy Harley is doing better. 😀

    As for me, I am happy my vacation starts Tuesday, even though based on news I got Friday, the next few weeks after that might be more than hectic.

    • Heidi says:

      Thank you, Darling Dee! Me, too, times a million. :smile47

      Happy vacay! I hope you have a good week. Maybe it will help you get prepared for whatever comes when you go back. :smile54 Do you have fun plans or are you just going to enjoy a nice, relaxing stay-cay? :smile35

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