Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Well, this week I AM HAPPY—incredibly, unbelievably happy :pinkdressdancingwoman —that The Cold From Hell has passed.  Even though it was just a simple cold (not the flu, thank God!) it’s been so long since I’ve been sick, I didn’t quite know how to handle it. :loveslap

I only had nighttime cold medicine on hand, no super-soft tissues for my super-sore nose, no sickie-time foods in the cupboards…  Ugh.  I mostly just laid in front of the television taking nighttime cold medicine every 4-6 hours, then nodding off in the middle of whatever I was pretending to watch only to wake up 4-6 hours later & start all over again.  No writing, no reading, no thinking…& it was all I could do to drag myself into the kitchen a couple of times a day to feed The Kittehs.  Thankfully, they seemed to understand that something was off & for the most part were exceptionally good.  They didn’t even bug me for food when their dishes were empty, even though they normally bug me for food when they’re still full. :sundaeyummy

I AM HAPPY that we had a free preview weekend of Cinemax & HBO last week, which allowed me to both watch & record a bunch of new movies.  I watched Battleship & Rock of Ages just about every time they were on, then DVRed a bunch of other for later:  TED, Pitch Perfect, Admission, Parental Guidance, Mama, Oblivion…  Of  course, I didn’t have the energy to get on the Torture Cycle & watch any of them while I was sick, but I sure hope to make up for that now that I’m feeling better.

And finally—possibly best of all—I AM HAPPY that I actually  managed to get all of the prizes & goodies, etc. for you guys packaged & in the mail.  So if you’re expecting something from me, it should arrive soon. :snowmanskiing

I hope that ends up being one of the things on some of your Happy Lists this week or next. :snowmanheart

And what else are you grateful for, thankful for, & happy about this week?  We definitely want to hear all of your good news, so be sure to share! :kisssnowman


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  1. Madison W F says:

    I’m happy about this “Happy” column. What a great start to the week! Stay positive and enjoy the day. :waivingsnowman

    • Heidi says:

      You’re sweet, Madison, thank you!

      I don’t think I’ve seen your name pop up before—are you new to The Dungeon? If so, WELCOME! :waivingsnowman Hope you’ll visit us again soon…maybe even become a regular Darlings. :bunniesloving

  2. TamVans says:

    A very happy Sunday to you! 😀

    I’m very happy that you are finally feeling better. :pinkdressdancingwoman

    I’m happy that we finally have an appt for my Dad this week. It’s been a few months of banging our heads against brick walls, so even getting an appt seems like a miracle right now.

    And I’m happy, happy, happy that today is my mom’s 71st birthday and my dad is healthy enough to join in the celebrations. :bunniesloving

    And welcome to the dungeon Madison. 😀

    Take care.


    • Heidi says:

      Great news all around, Tam! :pinkdressdancingwoman

      I maybe spoke a little too soon about feeling better, tho. I mean, I do, just not fabulous. I seem to start feeling better at night, but when I get up in the morning, I feel lousy again & it takes all day to start feeling better again. Ah, aren’t colds delightful? :angryhearts

      Happy Birthday to your mom & good luck with your dad’s appointment. I’ve been there; I know how stressful it can be. :bunniesloving

  3. Hollie says:

    Happy Sunday!! :pinkdressdancingwoman
    I am happy for a 4 day weekend..thanks to the snow and cold gods! Maybe more days off this coming week too..brrrr..it is very very cold out! :waivingsnowman

    I am also very very happy for my mail that came yesterday!! I smell wonderful..just like a KittyGirl!! I LOVE that stuff!! And the Batty Dots are my absolute favorites!! THANKYOUTHANKYOU Heidi and Mistress Heidi! :bunniesloving

    I am also happy that I have avoided the cold/flu thing. Woot for me and my healthy immune system! Even surrounded by snotty nosed elementary school kids..I’m still healthy!

    Now it’s back to the blankets and mittens for me!!
    Thank you again!! :lovecat

    • Heidi says:

      Tuesday & Wednesday are supposed to be TERRIBLE as far as low temps are concerned, so you really may get more days off. :animpeekaboo

      Yay! I can’t believe the goodies arrived so quickly, but I’m delighted you like everything. :pinkdressdancingwoman Oh, yeah, Kitty Girl—no you can smell like Mistress Heidi, too! :pigbat

  4. Mary Kirkland says:

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I too am happy that this cold I had seems to have gone away finally.

    I am happy that in a few days my younger brother and his wife will be here for a visit and we are going to celebrate my grandson’s 1st birthday on the 31st. My daughter said, 1 down and 17 more to go before she’s no longer feeling responsible for him. I told her mother’s always feel responsible for their kids…lol


    • Heidi says:

      Boy, this cold has some hang time, doesn’t it? Even tho it’s not as bad as in the beginning, it’s just lingering & making me feel on-&-off blah. :loveslap

      A year old already? Wow, time really flies. Happy Birthday to him! :balloongoingup

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