Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Thanksgiving is almost here, when I’m sure we’ll all be making a list of the things in our lives we’re thankful for.  :pilgrims   But I love that we also do that here every Sunday in The Dungeon, because it’s important to remember every day how lucky we truly are!

This week, I AM HAPPY that Madame Mommy Dearest is okay & on the mend.  Had a little scare late Friday evening & ended up in the emergency room when she went from being absolutely fine to having major UTI/bladder/kidney infection symptoms in a matter of about three hours.  If it had been up to her, she’d have suffered through until Monday when she could call her regular doctor, but when I found out what was going on, I insisted she go in immediately.  (And of course these things only happen after the doctor’s office or emergency clinics are closed.  Sigh.)  It ate up six hours of our lives, but she did indeed have a massive urinary tract infection & was giving heavy duty antibiotics before they sent her home.  The pills kicked in quickly, thank goodness, & she’s already feeling better, but I’m still riding her about drinking tons & tons of fluids.

I AM HAPPY (yeah, yeah—don’t judge me! :lookingatyou ) that I was able to stock up on even more Kitty Girl & Pepsi/Coca-Cola lip balms.  I know, it’s becoming a bit of an obsession.  And it’s possible I will die before I get to use even a third of what I’ve stocked up on, but I love it so much! :cake

And I AM HAPPY that I’m reading a couple of really good stories right now!  After a couple that were just so-so, I am absolutely loving Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge by one of my best gal pals Delores Fossen & “He’ll Be Home for Christmas” by another gal pal Rhonda Nelson in the Merry Christmas, Baby anthology.  I couldn’t even tell you which I’m enjoying most; they both strike all the right keys for me, in very different ways. :gobble

So how about you—what great stuff are you feeling grateful for this week?  Big or small, you know there’s something to be thankful for, & we want to hear what it is! :pie


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Glad to hear your mom is doing alright. That can be scary.

    I am happy that we were able to stop someone from breaking into my neighbors apartment while he was gone. We called the police and they tried to tell the police that the guy who lives there knew they were there getting their bags..but they broke in through the window and a few minutes later the guy who lived there come walking up and knew nothing about these guys. They were trying to steal his stuff as he was moving out of the apartment.


    • Heidi says:

      Wow, that’s scary! What jerks! (The thieves.) And what a great job you guys did catching them! I hope the cops hauled them away. :giggling

  2. Laura J. says:

    So glad MMD is better! And I won’t judge you for your lip gloss joys if you don’t judge me for going to Hooters. I LOVE their honey chipolte hot wings! (of course I would prefer to have half naked me serving them :gobble )

    Today I went out with three of my best friends from high school to see a musical and have lunch (it’s a dinner theater). The show was great, the food was really good (really good, especially for a buffet), the cran-tini PERFECT and of course just getting to spend time and catch up with my friends! We’ve all been through a lot together.

    My oldest is home from college. He is now officially a fraternity brother with Joel McHale (Community and E! Soup). Not the same university, but close enough!!

    B’girl and the Torinator are awesome!

    I started working out this past week. (Getting a jump on the new year resolutioners) and I’m really enjoying it. Tried the torture cycle, but found I prefer the dreadmill. I’m also doing red-light therapy there and I’m hoping that keeps the S.A.D at bay.

    It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, but I’m just going to enjoy it.

    • Laura J. says:

      not half naked *me* that should be half naked MEN. Geesh. That cran-tini was potent!

    • Heidi says:

      Ha ha! Deal. Hey, I’ve been there, but also wished there were hot guys serving instead of busty girls. :cold

      Sounds like you had a great time with your friends! And I’m a fan of the Dreadmill, too…kind of wish I had mine back. :giggling

      I totally know who Joel McHale is, too! Very cool. He’s a funny guy. And maybe he’ll visit your son’s campus one day—you never know. :leaves

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