Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  How’s your week going?  And your weekend, too!

This week, I AM HAPPY that I’m that the writing is still going well.  My deadline is looming, & I’m not quite as far along as I’d like to be to breathe easy, but my progress & the story itself are moving right along.  I think if I can get through this love scene, I’ll have a better idea of how much longer the manuscript will take. :spider

I AM HAPPY to be sleeping better, too.  Oh, I’m still working the night shift, but at least when I finally do go to bed, I’ve been drifting off more quickly & sleeping straight through rather than tossing & turning & driving myself crazy. :coffin

I AM HAPPY that—thanks to some coupons :winkingpumpkin —I was able to stock up on Arby’s sandwiches.  Just about the only fast food I like or will eat anymore, I bought a bunch & stuck them in the freezer to thaw when I’m too busy writing to stop & fix a decent meal.  They’ll keep me from going into Raccoon/Scavenger Mode just a little longer. :draculacandy

This one may sound odd, but I AM HAPPY that I gave up on Castle.  I haven’t really enjoyed the show since the first season, but I stuck with it, afraid I might miss something great.  After this season’s premiere, though, I quit cold turkey.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  And I waited for guilt to set in, but it never did.  Now, I just feel a sense of relief that I no longer have to deal with the show when it pops up on my DVR. :BOO

On the other side of the coin, though, I AM HAPPY that I finally started recording & watching The Middle & Modern Family.

I’ve been hearing how funny Modern Family is for ages, but I’d missed so much of it, I wanted a chance to start from the very beginning.  Now that USA is running them, I’ve been able to do that.  And, yep—I enjoy it every bit as much as folks told me I would. :catpumpkin

Surprisingly, though, The Middle is my favorite of the two.  I’ve never really liked Patricia Heaton, so I recorded the first episode (again, in repeats) thinking, “All right, I’ll check it out, but I doubt I’ll stick with it.”  But after only a couple of episodes, I was hooked.  It’s just so funny & real.  And I love that little boy!  Ohmigosh, I adore Brick.  He not only cracks me up—especially when he whispers to himself…*to himself*—but he’s a kid after my own heart with his love of books!

Okay, that does it for me this week.  And I’m even happier now that I’ve found that pic of Brick.  Cracks.  Me.  Up. :blinky

Anyway, what are YOU happy about this week?  What’s made you laugh or made you grateful or made you feel like a very lucky duck?  Be sure to share your good news, because we want to hear about it! :scarystories


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    Happy Sunday to you all.. I am Happy today because in Canada this is our Thanksgiving long holiday weekend. It’s a Holiday on Monday and we are having our Thanksgiving dinner today… Can’t wait for all the Turkey and stuffing and the Pumpkin Pies I baked and seeing family and friends and sharing the bountiful Harvest that we are so Thankful for..

    Have a great day.. :blinky

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    That’s funny, my mom and step dad used to buy 40 McDonalds cheeseburgers and freeze them to thaw out later. I didn’t think anyone else did something like that.

    Today is hubby’s birthday. So we are doing a little celebrating. I am having Burger King deliver hamburgers and stuff when my daughter and her BF and my grandson come over. Ken has no idea what we are doing. My daughter is even making her very first birthday cake for her dad’s birthday today.

    Funniest thing was ken asked me last night, “How old am I gonna be again?” I told him 52…he says, “I don’t think so, I’m gonna be 53, aren’t I?”

    I looked at him and was like, “Seriously? You were born in 1961, so you’re gonna be 52.”

    He had to grab the calculator before he believed me. LOL


    Now I can tease him that the Alzheimer’s is setting in…lol

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I’ll do just about anything to get out of cooking! And as long as they freeze + thaw out well, what the heck.

      And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby! Tell him he can still be 29 if he wants. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. :winkingpumpkin :sweetwitch

  3. Hollie says:

    Happy Sunday. I gave up on Castle as well. Season one and even Season two were really good, but I just couldn’t get on board with season 3. I still love Nathan…but not Castle.
    I’m happy that I only have 5 working days until Fall break. 9 days off!! WOOOOHOOOOO! :flyingwitch

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