Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everybody!

I hope you’re having a lovely week…staying warm or cool, depending on what the wonky weather is like in your neck of the woods.

This week, I am just plain happy.  Sure, annoyances & setbacks have popped up, but in general, the mood is UP & bouncy! :puppydance

I AM HAPPY that I was able to rescue a lost turtle this week that actually turned out to be a rather rare tortoise.   Long story.  But an exciting story, too, which I hope to share with you soon.  But after getting over the initial shock of finding him at all, I absolutely fell in love with the little guy & am immensely grateful that I was in the right place at the right time to find him.  God sure does know what He’s doing sometimes. :doggielick

I AM HAPPY with the great writing I’ve gotten done on a new story I just love.  It’s still a project I can’t talk about yet, but rest assured it is sexy & fun & awesome & delightful.  Me thinks ya gonna lurv it. :heartkitty

I AM HAPPY that all of The Kittehs are safe & healthy & happy, & that even though I cut it close, I was able to get a fresh supply of frozen venison nuggets that Mr. Nicholas is suddenly ga-ga for.  I almost can’t get him to eat anything else these days.  Methinks I’d better keep the freezer full of them for a while, or I’m certain to suffer his wrath. :cutekittygreen

So how about you?  What great stuff is going on in your life this week, or what would you like to stop & just be grateful for for a moment?  Mistress Heidi & her Darlings of The Dungeon want to know! :puppywag


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  1. Donna A says:

    I am thankful for 20 years with my DH and the 2 week trip to Canada we went on to celebrate. I am thankful for Canadian Mounties just cause. I am thankful my kitties didn’t disown us for leaving them for 2 weeks. I am grateful for my brother in-law for taking care of them while we were gone.

    • Laura J. says:

      Happy Anniversary Donna!!!

    • Heidi says:

      Happy Anniversary, Donna! I’m so glad you have a nice trip! And that your kittehs didn’t hold the vacay against you. Your b-i-l must have done a good job of pet-sitting, cuz you can definitely tell when they’ve felt abandoned or barely noticed you were gone. :laughing

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Sounds like you and your animals are doing well, that’s always good.

    I am happy that my neighbor who has been causing so much trouble has moved out.

    I am happy that I caught Marbles little sneezes and got him on antibiotics before it got bad and he seems to be doing much better now. I think he might have been getting an upper respiratory infection and with rats, that’s never good.

  3. Laura J. says:

    First, I’m very, VERY happy you found that turtle. You have restored my hope in humanity! Well actually you did that a long time ago with your love for animals, but it never hurts to be reminded there are good people still left in this world.

    After a kind of rough start to the week, things are much better. B’Girl now to be addressed by the following title: Madame President Princess Miss Hoosier State Pre-teen! Or MPPMHSP. On Monday she casually mentioned to me that “oh, btw, I’m now the class president”. Then later in the week while inquiring about a pageant for her she ended up receiving the title of Miss Hoosier State Pre-teen for a pageant. There were no local pageants for her to compete in but they had at-large titles. I sent her picture and information and she got the title. She will get to make appearances and then next September she can compete in the National pageant. Even though she didn’t actually “compete” for the title, this will give her opportunities to work on her interpersonal communication skills to help her, not only in pageants, but later in life as well since she is kind of a quiet kid that still looks at me to place her order at a restaurant. Plus she gets a cool sash, crown and title. :kittywink And there will be other pageants locally that she can compete in. (We only do the natural pageants and we look for ones that are not just about “beauty” ones that she can do interview or where academics are involved AND ones that stress community involvement with charities- such as anti-bullying, animal rescue, military organizations, etc.–NO HONEY BOO-BOO crap).

    My office is now completed. Okay, you can walk around now without tripping over junk in the floor. Still need to do some minor cleaning and getting rid of stuff, but I’m in LOVE!!! I can seriously hide in here all day!!! My middle son is very happy since he now has his own “game area” set up. And it will stay set up as long as he doesn’t abuse the privilege. *g*

    • Heidi says:

      You’re so sweet, Laura. I know there are people out there who would ignore or even do more harm to an animal in need, but NOT ON MY WATCH! I’m just amazed that little thing was in *my* yard, of all the places it could have wandered. And that I happened to look out at just the right time to see it…another 10 seconds & it would have been out of sight! :kittyquestion

      That is SO COOL about B-girl hitting the pageant circuit. And I trust that you’re not pushing her into it or trying to create a target for pedophiles. There’s definitely a difference between girls her age making their own choice to get involved & parents pushing their toddlers into it. :oopsiedaisy If you ever need sponsors or donations or anything like that for the ones that are raising $ for animal rescue, lmk; I may not be able to offer Trump-like support, but I’d be happy to send something. :goteam

      And yay on your office being completed. I remember when mine was fresh & new & uncluttered. It was a LONG, LONG time ago. :crykitty So enjoy it while it lasts. LOL

      • Laura J. says:

        You have a knack for the whole “right time/right place” thing!!

        I have told B’girl (or as my dad is now calling her Her Royal Hiney–he has a warped sense of humor–but like you he’s an animal magnet) she can do two per year plus the one scholarship pageant that leads to the Miss America Pageant (eventually). She has enough other stuff on her plate as it is (not to mention the $$$ involved in doing them). Now that we don’t have a huge time commitment with gymnastics she wants to do EVERYTHING!!!

        We will definitely let you know when/if she does anything like that. I may try to talk to the rescue groups that come in to our local Petsmart each Saturday to see if she can volunteer to help one weekend. As long as I give her some Claritin before hand she should be able to the cats a little longer than 5 minutes (and she LOVES cats!).

        • Heidi says:

          I swear I’m going to blog about the tortoise rescue in more detail soon, but speaking of your first sentence, can you believe it was the kitteh I rescued from the side of I-80 who actually called my attention to the tortoise? Talk about paying it forward! :kittyquestion But, yeah, God has a way of dropping things right in front of me, or putting me where he wants me to be just in time to rescue needy critters. And I’m happy to do it! :lovemykitty

          Bwaha! Love DH’s new nickname for B-girl. And let me guess…she loves it. :winkcat Well, she’s gorgeous, so she should be super successful in pageants!

          And, yes, load her up with the meds, then send her out to play with the kittehs. *VBG* Honestly, tho, exposure does help. One of the older cats I took in gave me wretched allergies. I was literally on meds every 4-6hrs for about 3wks straight. Now, not an itch or sniffle. Not everyone can work up a tolerance like that, but a lot of folks can…or could if they tried.

          Oh, & here’s one of my fave quotes to bolster B-girl’s love of animals:

          “Now that you mention it, I’m never going to stop talking about my cats. They’re funny and adorable and totally worth having to take six Benadryl a day.” :laughingdog2

          TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. :lovemykitty

  4. Katheen O says:

    Happy Sunday and it is a nice day for me to remember that 23yrs ago today I was watching my youngest cousin say “I Do” to my brother’s best friend. We were both in the wedding party and I could not have been more proud to share this day with them. It was a happy day and it although they have had their ups and downs, they have raised three wonderful girls and have good jobs, a home, that where I am always welcome and still love each other through it all.. I wish them many, many more wonderful years ahead.

    Have a good day.. all :goldenwag

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