Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everybody!

It’s time again to share all of your good news or the things you’re simply thankful for as we head into another week.

I am still in deadline mode, still keeping my eyes on the prize, so I’ll once again leave you to fill today’s space with positivity & contentment. :goteam

Make me proud! :hugpuppy


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  1. Donna A says:

    :lovemykitty I am happy I’ve good books to read, beautiful weather and a man who loves me like nobodys business. I am glad my daughter has gotten a new job. I am sad because it takes her away from me. I am happy that my kitties are all healthy and as ornery as can be this morning. :doggielick

  2. Colleen says:

    I am happy that my weekend has been calm. Made a few bucks at a garage sale. Have been enjoying some great reads… :kittyeyes

  3. Kathleen O says:

    I am thankful for being in good health this week. My SIL had a heart attack and she is about 10yrs younger than I am. She is going to have bypass surgery tomorrow.. And this morning my cousin’s mother had to be rushed to hospital.. SO I am just Happy things are ok for me and I can be there for others.. :puppywag

  4. Laurie Kozlowski says:

    I am thankful to have food in my belly, a roof over my head, kind and (mostly) supportive friends and family as I reach for my dreams as a writer and as I pursue a career in cosmetology. I am thankful to have the good sense to be discerning. I may not know it all, but feel like I have learned so very much in a short period of time because my mind is back where it is supposed to be. Functioning properly and unaffected by meds.

    ~Laurie Kozlowski


  5. Mary Kirkland says:

    I am happy that all my rats seem to be doing really well this week. I’ve been giving Patches antibiotics for a few weeks and he seems to be breathing much better now.


    My brother and his wife are coming for a visit tomorrow and I’m happy because it’s been 5 months since I’ve seen my brother. I have 4 brothers and he’s the only one I talk to and we are very close.

    Then, on the 25th hubby is going to fly to California and dog/house sit for his sister for 11 days. Woohoo! peace and quiet since my brother and his wife are going back to their home in California that day as well. 11 days all to myself.

    Hey, after 23 years of marriage I need a break every once in a while..LOL

  6. Laura J. says:

    After a very long absence from the zoo and a deadline approaching for getting my hours in so I can continue to Docent, I made it!!!! With a whole week to spare!!! :goteam

    So now I toast to you Heidi, for you to make your deadline and with a week or more to spare!! :winkcat

  7. Heidi says:

    Yay! Sounds like you’re all having great weeks…& are going into the coming one with great, upbeat attitudes! :goteam

    And y’all made me proud by stopping by to chime in! :doggielick

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