Happy Hunk Day (Valentine’s edition)

Today’s hunk showed up a little early, but I don’t think we should hold that against him. After all, if he waited until next week to wish us all a Happy Valentine’s Day, he’d be too late. :VDay


PhotobucketJoin us on the HappyBookers YahooGroup today, where we’re asking another Question of the Week” feature & would love some extra participation.

This week’s question: What is your favorite love song, & why?

(Don’t answer that here, though!  Get thee over to HappyBookers & post your response on the loop!)


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  1. Tammy Beck says:

    I never get mad at a man holding a box of chocolates. Especially if he’s hot & naked! :VDay
    Now where is my flavored oil? :cuffs

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Now why don’t I get that for Valentine’s Day? Hmmm? :heart

  3. Sharon says:

    :jumping Love Red & Chocolate!! :kitty

  4. Kathleen O says:

    :jumping If someone gave me this for Valentine’s Day, I would never ask for anything ever again. Because I would to busy!!!! :VDay :blowkiss

  5. PattiF says:

    He is one I’d give up chocolate for! :jumping

    ::tosses chocolate heart away::


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