Happy Hunk Day

Just like MUST LOVE VAMPIRES, this week’s Happy Hunk Day is double the pleasure, double the fun…

+ Pictures, Images and Photos

I think I’d let him play sexy vampire playboy Aidan in the movie version of MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. :howyoudoin

And to play Sebastian…


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  1. Anne says:

    Great picture of Adrian Paul.

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh Em GEE…love those pictures.


  3. Jessica Lemmon says:

    OH MY, Sebastian is “dead” on! :peekaboo *snicker*

    For some reason, though, I’d envisioned a fairer haired Aiden…though, who am I kidding? I’d take your selection. :biteya

    …over and over again. :fangs

  4. Ruth A. Chestnut says:

    Can I have Sebastian please, pretty please. I’ll take good care of him, I promise. :fangs

  5. Hollie says:

    Great choices!! These guys look exactly like what was in my head as I was reading their stories!!! Day-um they are fiiiine!!!! :fangs

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