Happy Hunk Day


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  1. Ruth C says:

    :img5 I call DIBS…… He can park his shoe under my bed anytime… :img34

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I need a man to heat things up around here and not just me… :img10

  3. Donna A says:

    Whimper… :img34

  4. jay says:

    :img29 Boy, is it hot in here or what?!? :img10

  5. Dee says:

    Names? We have names? Good job on the dibs Ruth!

  6. Mary Kirkland says:

    Well, hello there.


  7. Brooke C says:

    Wowza, I’m sure feeling that summer heat :img31
    Love the new emoticons, by the way :img5

    • Heidi says:

      He an keep us all warm until the temps get a little higher. :img12

      So glad you like the emoticons, too. I left a few from Spring, since full-on Summer hasn’t hit yet, but hopefully they’ll keep us occupied for the next little while. :img4

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