Happy Hunk Day


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  1. Laura J. says:

    Damn it. Flat tire again. :may223 **furioiusly hiding sharp object used to puncture tire**

    (although, if that is a cigarette–he’s going to need some :may25 He can still be a bad boy without it. And I have no problem helping him. Dibs)

  2. Holly says:

    :may25 He looks like the ultimate bad boy who’d be really good to a girl in all the right ways. He’d probably be fun to tame too. :may25

  3. Heidi says:

    I’ve gotta admit, this HUNK does it for me. All of our HUNKs are hot, but this guy…hubba hubba. :may6

  4. Brooke C says:

    Ooh, he looks like that AND he knows how to fix cars :may6 Yum! :may5

  5. Kathleen O says:

    Why is there never a hunk like him around when I get a flat tire. :may19

  6. Mary Kirkland says:

    It’s hot outside. Might as well take your pants off too.


  7. Kris gilson says:

    Dang, he’s purdy!

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