Happy Caturday


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  1. Anne says:

    Patiently? Not mine. They yowl, walk all over me, scratch the furniture…

    • Heidi Betts says:

      :lolol: Okay, I’ll admit it—I’ve got one of those. Miss Pippa MUST have her snackies, & until she gets them, she cries, chases me, trips me… :crutch:

      And one who wakes me in the morning to let me know the food dishes are empty. He doesn’t actually run to eat when I fill them again, he just seems to be the early warning system for the other kittehs. :burger:

  2. Ruth C says:

    Or like that guy, you get the stink eye. I have one of those. Every morning when I get up, gives me the stink eye till she gets her treats. :lolol:

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