Free Book Friday (with a side of Funny)


Like last week, I can’t remember if I’ve posted these Funnies before or not. If they’re repeats, I apologize. But if you suffer from a critical case of CRS (Can’t Remember Sh*t) like I do, they’ll be totally new to you! :bubble



Also like last week, today’s FBF book is also a never-been-claimed repeat—the Rescue Me anthology by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, & Cindy Gerard.  (I recently read Cherry’s & Cindy’s novellas in this one, & they were terrific!)

To enter the giveaway for this book, simply leave a comment to today’s post that includes the code FBF—for “Free Book Friday,” of course—to let me know you’re interested in the drawing. (U.S. residents only for the prize, please, but everyone is welcome to chat.)

PhotobucketWinner will be announced during our Happy Sunday post on…well, you know, Sunday.

Winner is responsible for contacting me with her mailing information—i.e. I will not be contacting you—so be sure to check back in or you might not even know you won! :happysad

(If prize isn’t claimed within 14 days, another name may be drawn or item may be tossed back into the goody bag to be re-used for a future giveaway.)


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  1. DebraG says:

    Good Morning, The first one looks familiar but they still bring a smile. FBF

  2. Donna says:

    :happysun I get a kick out of starting my day with FBF thanks for the giggles.

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Good FBF morning! Those are pretty funny, I haven’t seen them before.

  4. Hollie says:

    Happy Friday!! and a 3 day weekend for me!!! :patrick3 and it will be filled with cleaning and laundry :evilmonkey

    I already have that book..a great read too! :cheer

    Hope everyone’s weekend is filled with laughter and fun…Thanks for the great start Heidi!! :cool

  5. Beth mast says:

    To Funny, I circle yes for the kitty!!

    Love the book you are giving away for FBF!!

  6. Anne says:

    Love the first one. FBF

  7. Jolene A says:

    lol as always, love the funnies 🙂 FBF :patrick

  8. Cindy K. says:

    I would love to have this book, I love Cherry Adair and Lora Leigh!! FBF

  9. Betty Lewis says:

    Happy Friday!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway Heidi. You can’t go wrong with a book with Cherry’s name on it 🙂 And this is one I don’t have yet…here’s hoping I will soon FBF

  10. Sara M says:

    :lolol FBF!!! Love the blow job one!!

  11. Tammy Beck says:

    I didn’t even know it was Friday until I got on here. Summer is so messing me up. Have a great weekend! FBF :eeee

  12. Colleen C. says:

    Have a wonderful weekend! FBF!

  13. Quilt Lady says:

    FBF I suffer from CRS also! Happy Friday everyone!! :lolol :lolol

  14. Jamie D says:

    :slamdesk Thats what my day feels like. but on a brighter note. Happy FBF! :thumbsup

  15. April Kirkland says:

    FBF rocks! That blowjob pic cracks me up! :lolol

    Thanks for the chance. Hope you have an awesome weekend! :cool

  16. Ruth Chestnut says:

    :thumbsup FBF Don’t remember seeing the funnies before, the blowjob one just cracks me up. Would love to have the book. Three good authors. I have been reading Lora Leigh’s Breed’s series and just found out there are a lot more books to it that I have to get. I’m getting her back list on my Kindle. Enjoy your weekend. Can’t wait to see Saturday’s Sexy Fail. :chickendance

  17. Rhiannon says:

    Love em! Had not seen any of those before!

    Happy Friday! FBF

  18. Cindy Rushford says:

    always love your funnies Heidi. Even if they are ever repeats. I can’t remember sh*t either. 🙂 lolol FBF please. Hope all are well and enjoying the spring (we are getting last months weather this month ) umm wonder what comes next? Have a fantastic weekend everyone and good luck to you all on FBF 🙂 :bubble

    • Heidi says:

      The good thing about funny stuff—whether you suffer from CRS or not—is that it’s still funny, no matter how many times you see/hear it. :lolol

  19. bn100 says:

    I’d like to read this FBF. Nice cover.

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