Free Book Friday (with a side of Funny)


I will be off today on my annual pilgrimage of our local 100 Mile Yard Sale.  Am I allowed to admit I’m not looking forward to this?  I mean, it’s a hundred miles.  In the middle of July.  I’m hot & tired just thinking about it. :knock

But while I’m gone, I thought I’d leave you with some yard sale funnies.  That way, you can at least be with me in spirit.


This week’s Free Book Friday offering is a title I picked up at a yard sale myself—my very own BEDDED THEN WED.  Yes, it’s true; I have a tendency to pick up my own books at yard sales & such when I see them, because you never know when a title will go out-of-print.  They also come in really handy whenever I run into somebody who has A.) never read a romance, B.) never read one of my books, or C.) still has that antiquated “oh, you write those little books” attitude about Harlequin romances.  Keep them in the car, toss one at them, & wait to hear back from them because I’ve changed their tune.  Yeah, bay-bee! :wink

So if you’d like to enter the giveaway for this book, simply leave a comment to today’s post that includes the code FBF—for “Free Book Friday,” of course—to let me know you’re interested in the drawing. (U.S. residents only for the prize, please, but everyone is welcome to chat.)

Winner will be announced during our Happy Sunday post on…well, you know, Sunday. Winner is responsible for contacting me with her mailing information—i.e. I will not be contacting you—so be sure to check back in or you might not even know you won! :crying (If prize isn’t claimed within 14 days, another name may be drawn or item may be tossed back into the goody bag to be re-used for a future giveaway.)


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  1. Donna says:

    Happy FRIDAY! I get the Halo :angelme I’ll admit I haven’t read that one so put me in for the FBF.

    I’ll admit I would rather go to a yard sale than hold one. It is nervewracking . Love the funnies though.

  2. Hollie says:

    FBF! I havent read this one either…
    and I wish I was going to the sales that you do because I can NEVER find any of your books!! but then again I wouldnt sell my copies either! :eyelashes
    Im heading out for some YA also today…. I wish us Both good luck!

  3. Anne says:


    I never go to yard sales. I hate going through piles of crap to possibly find one useful, good piece. I can understand why some people do it and the thrill of finding that one Antiques Roadshow item marked $1.

  4. Shadow says:

    FBF! How are you today! I love the garage sale signs! :ROFL
    Wow! The things people do. I like going garage saling, for me, its a ton of fun! And boy, have i met some crazy people! Its hard not to laugh! 😛

  5. Jamie D says:


    :ROFL I feel bad that your not looking forward to your 100 mile yard sale journey…..I think my husband would like that. He can look for all the old game systems. :humpf Boring!!! But kudos for making people see the light on romance novels. :tongue

  6. Sherry says:

    Would luv to have this one…. :cupcake

  7. Holly Smith says:

    I have not read that book yet and would love to read one of THOSE little books if I should win FBF!!!!

  8. carole says:

    Happy Friday! I’m not so happy today but not gonna complain things will look better once I get thru the day and maybe have a drink…anyways would love to be counted in your FBF. I’ve never have read your Harlequin Desire before, just got your recent one at the library and I was so excited, I find old books from my favorite authors at the flea market or yard sales. I love going to them..have a good weekend! I think your husband would make a good president! I’d vote for him!

  9. Beth Mast says:

    I would LOVE to win this book. I’m a newbie to your books, would like to broaden my collection!

  10. Leni says:

    I need to get out to some of the sales that people are having.

  11. Cathy Ward says:

    FBF is great. I confess :angelme I haven’t read this one. I’d love to receive it.

    :devang Hey, I confessed. I’m not the devil.

  12. Beth Mast says:

    liked the funnys! FBF

  13. Jessica Lemmon says:

    FBF! FBF! I’ve never read that one before! :crying

    I go to GoodWill to troll for treasures. It’s air conditioned. :cool

  14. Patti P says:

    FBF – I like it!

    I would love to read your book.

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