Free Book Friday

Changing things up this week—just in time for Halloween? :trickortreat: —because I’ve got this book on hand, & the title—as well as the tag line & back cover blurb—amuse me. :screamcartoon:

To be honest, I haven’t read it.  But it caught my attention & Madame Mommy Dearest—a retired librarian, in case you didn’t know—also found it amusing enough to give it a try. Her assessment:  she didn’t love the writing & took issue with several grammatical errors, but she did enjoy the storyline, puns, & turns of phrase.  And frankly, MMD rarely reads fiction, so no one should take her word as law. :laughingdeath:

But if you like fiction—mystery, to be specific—& would like to give this book a try, then you definitely want to toss your name into the hatfor today’s Free Book Friday drawing! :happywitch:

To enter:

***Hang around The Dungeon for a while.  Chat, comment, enjoy the burgeoning chuckles of the sidebar :monsterbar:

***Leave a comment of some sort letting Mistress Heidi know you’re interested in the drawing & would like to read this particular book, should you be lucky enough to have your name plucked from the leather bustier :sexywitch:

***Live in the U.S. for mailing purposes :hellboy:

***Pencil in another visit to The Dungeon on your calendar for Sunday, October 18th when the winner of today’s Free Book Friday drawing will be announced :cheers:

***If you’re the winner, be sure to follow the instructions & contact me with your information so I can send Killer Librarian—& probably a few other goodies :happywitch: —your way


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  1. DebraG says:

    I love this type of mysteries. There are usually a fun fast read. Killer Librarian sounds like fun.

  2. Patty R says:

    I most definitely love to read this one..its looks Awesome….

  3. Dee says:

    Looks like a fun read. Sunday is my dad’s birthday too. I will take that as a sign.


  4. Brooke C says:

    Well I don’t read mysteries so I couldn’t read this, but that tagline is pretty hilarious. Good luck to the other commenters!!

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