Drink of the Month

This month’s Drink of the Month is brought to you by the request of several Darlings of The Dungeon in honor of the Southern-set ON THE VERGE OF I DO.

The Perfect Peach Bellini


2 oz. peach nectar
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 oz. peach schnapps
3 oz. chilled, dry Champagne
1/2 cup crushed ice


Mix the peach nectar, lemon juice, and schnapps in a chilled glass.
Add half a cup (or more) of crushed ice, stir, and add the champagne.
(Serves 2)

Want your Peach Bellini frozen for those hot-hot summer days when a cool drink just won’t do? Simply prepare ingredients in a blender!

Enjoy! :cool


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  1. Jessica Lemmon says:

    I was thinking about this drink the other day, wondering what was in it. Thanks, Heidi! :eeee

  2. Jessica Lemmon says:

    **ohhohh** good girl for a whole day! :patrick3

  3. Donna says:

    My fave thanks. :cool

  4. Laura J. says:

    This sounds really good, but I wonder if I could swap the peaches for strawberries?

    I was here really early today, but decided since I had the horns last night, I was still having way too much fun, so I left the halo hanging on the wall for some other sucke…er, I mean person. :cool

    • Heidi says:

      Y’know, I’ll bet you could. Could probably substitute just about any fruit. Why don’t you try it & let us know how it works. :cool or :Cukoo LOL

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