cue nervous breakdown

I’m not even going to tell you again how excited I am about the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday!!!  (Which I will most likely watch Monday on the Torture Cycle. :smile37 )

As always, I know that I will be both thrilled by its return & whatever events take place in each & every episode…& that I will also likely have some complaints.  (I love the show, but will be the first to admit it’s not perfect. :smile27 )

This time around, though, I’m worried about so many things.  (And for the record, I try very hard not to see, hear, or go looking for spoilers, so anyone who knows anything about what’s coming up this season—keep it to yourself! :smile55 )


WTF is with these people? :smile24   I knew it was a bad idea to head there to begin with.  I mean, let’s break this down…  Terminus…terminal…end of the line…  No good was going to come of that.  But seriously—cannibals?  When did that become a fun thing to do during the Apocalypse? :smile41

— BETH —

Beth.  Beth.  Oh, poor Beth.  What the heck happened to her?  Where is she?  Did whoever abducted her from that funeral home take her to Terminus, or was that some other whack-job up to no good? :smile18

I won’t lie; I’m worried about her. :smile1


Clearly I’m going to be worried about all of the regular cast members we’ve come to love…or at least tolerate. :smile31   But while searching for funnies & hot pics of Daryl Dixon (which I tend to do every couple of weeks :smile9 ), I ran across some things—a.k.a. spoiler pics—that have me extremely worried & upset. :smile2

Nope, nope, nope, nope. Not looking, not believing, not having it.  The Walking Dead better not do anything they’ll be sorry about later.  ‘Cause if they hurt/kill the wrong people, we’re going to have issues, AMC & I. :smile5

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