Congrats RITA & GH finalists!

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Romance Writers of America‘s RITA & Golden Heart finalists were announced today, & I want to give a huge shout-out & congratulations to everyone who got that ever-so-exciting call this morning.

I’ve been there; I know how awesome it is. :dance:

But I also know how it feels to enter & not get a phone call.  To not final when you were so incredibly hopeful. :cartoon:

That’s why I want to invite you all to join me here in The Dungeon on Friday, March 24th for our (sometimes) annual No RITA for Me-ta Party!  :sing:

Whether you’re a writer or a reader…

Whether you entered the RITAs or Golden Hearts or not…

Hell, whether you finaled or not…

(But, quite frankly, you’ll need this party more if you didn’t than if you did. :beer: )

You are ALL invited to stop by for dancing & camaraderie, cyber cocktails & treats. :cows:

We are going to celebrate how awesome we ALL are, whether we were lucky enough to final or not.  And in my case, whether we even had a book to enter this year or not.  (I did not. :shamrocks: )

Because being a RITA or Golden Heart finalist is wonderful—but you can still be wonderful if you aren’t. :flash:



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  1. Kathleen O says:

    My calendar is free for this great party!! :bees: So I will :hop: over and join in the fun!

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