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It’s time once again to put on our Outrage Hats & speak out against wrong-doing.  (And there’s nothing a Darling of the Dungeon enjoys more, right? We are nothing if not happy to pick up our whips & chains & fight in the name of injustice. :devil )

This one is going to hurt, too, because I suspect many of you are as addicted to tea as I am.  But it turns out that Lipton, one of the largest tea companies in the world, is doing terrible, horrible, no-good things to animals in order to test a product that has been around for centuries.

Please, please visit PETA’s Action Page for this issue & read about the animal tests Lipton is conducting for no good reason whatsoever.  It’s shocking & disgusting, let me tell you.  (But don’t worry, there are no pictures that will make you sick to your stomach.)  And then send letters to both of the contacts they provide.  There’s even a sample letter that you can cut & paste to make it easier for you.

Also note that messages sent to the president of Unilever America (Lipton‘s parent company) are bouncing, but send one anyway, & then be sure to contact Lipton via their contact form so that your message really does get through!

And then BOYCOTT ALL LIPTON PRODUCTS!!! until they STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS!  Yes, this may be a little painful to some of us—I actually have quite a few Lipton teabags in my cupboard right now.  I can’t go back & un-buy them, but I can darn well start buying other brands of tea from now on.

P.S.  We are still sending letters & strongly boycotting all M&M/Mars products because of their cruelty to animals: & Petco/PetSmart stores because of their abysmal treatment of animals:  (This one was a little hard to track down updated online information about, but trust me when I say their & their suppliers’ treatment of small animals—mice, rats, guinea pigs, etc.—has been nauseating, & it is definitely still an ongoing battle.)


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  1. mary k says:

    Omg, I had no idea. I won’t be buying any of these products any more. I’m going to make a post on my own blog about this as well.

  2. Heidi says:

    Thank you so much, Mary! Yes, yes, the one thing I forgot to mention is—PASS IT ON!!! And mention in your letter to Lipton that you’re going to tell everyone you know, so they know that for every letter they get, there are about a dozen people ready to boycott their products! (And M&M/Mars & PetSmart/Petco, too!) :devil

  3. Hollie says:

    just sent off an email!! my whip is cracking!! :angeldevil

    we really need a cracking whip emoticon!!

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