"The Bite Before Christmas made me smile, laugh, and even made me want to cry...a book I would recommend reading curled up by the light of the Christmas Tree!" ~Bitten by Books | Full Review

"The Bite Before Christmas is three great stories showing that love can come in many forms...a passionate and loving book that shares the joy and love that Christmas can bring---with a paranormal twist." ~Joyfully Reviewed | Full Review

"The Bite Before Christmas was exciting and fun to read with its witty conversations and clever plotting. The characters were hot and sexy and certainly deserved their Merry Christmas. A few problems for each hero and heroine needed to worked out, problems that could be suspenseful or emotional. But work them out they all did to the delight and amazement of the reader. Heidi Betts has penned a book that will take its place among our holiday fare for reading delight." | Full Review

"This is a wonderful anthology to read for the holidays, and shows that everybody, whether human or vampire, has the same problems in life, and the holidays, if done right, can lift all spirits in love." ~Affaire de Coeur

"HOT, HOT, HOT! Funny and sexy...this one had me laughing out loud in several places. I really, really loved it and if you have read other books by Ms. Betts and enjoyed her writing and characters, you will love this one too. You won’t be disappointed." ~The Good, the Bad, and the Unread | Full Review


“Don’t you ever miss the comfortable, cozy feeling the holidays used to bring?” he asked quietly. “That sense of togetherness, the remembrance of what’s truly important as the minutia of everyday life falls away.”

“You forget, love, that I’m the old-fashioned type, just like you. I still celebrate the holidays, complete with all the trimmings.”

Connor took a sip of his AB-negative, then gave a weary sigh. “Only a few weeks until Christmas. It’s going to be the worst one yet, I expect.”

“Not necessarily.” Setting her glass on the table beside her large, brocade wing-back chair, Angelina uncrossed her legs and leaned forward slightly. “I know someone,” she told him. “A professional.”

Working hard to hide his astonishment, he allowed only one dark brow to dart upward. “You’re offering to send me a prostitute to cheer me up over the holidays?”

She threw her head back, her smoky laugh filling the entire library where they sat. “Don’t be silly. There are other professions women can excel at these days, you know. I like to think I’m a perfect example of that.”

Her lips twisted in the intimation of a pout, but he knew she was really amused.

“No, I know a professional event coordinator. She’s very good, and I think she may be able to put together a Christmas event for you that won’t have you praying for Hailey’s Comet to strike you dead.”

“If only that would do the job,” he muttered beneath his breath.

“Let me talk to her. If she’s available, I’ll have her give you a call.”

“Is she also a miracle worker? Because I’m afraid that’s what it will take to convince Liam and Maeve to sit still through a four-course meal and not burst into flames at the sound of ‘Jingle Bells.’”

“I don’t know about that, but I do think she’ll be able to give you the holiday you’re wishing for, whether your brother and sister decide to behave themselves or not.”

Despite Angelina’s assurances, Connor didn’t hold much hope that her prediction would come true. But then, what did he have to lose?

“Fine,” he replied without inflection. Then, as he lifted his glass to his mouth to drink, he added, “But I think I might be better off with the hooker.”