Show of hands—who’s tired of me talking about Top Secrets Projects for the last forever without ever announcing what was actually going on? :dance: Yeah, I know—me, too.  :peace:

But the time has come when I not only can, but dang well need to start sharing all of this great news with you! So keep an eye out over the next few weeks for some exciting stuff! :summer:

Such as…

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.comLonger ago than I care to admit, I was chatting with the totally awesome Lori Wilde, who put me in touch with the extra super-duper Libby Murphy at Entangled Publishing. So Libby & I talked, then I sent her a one-page proposal for an idea I’d been playing with for a while. And I distinctly remember her saying it would take 6-8 weeks to hear back, given her turnaround time, as well as the general submission process. I’d literally just turned in my latest Harlequin Desire two days earlier, I was all kinds of okay with that; I just wanted to sit back & relax…sleep for probably a week, maybe even take that entire amount of time as a mini-vacation. :hammock:

But Libby don’t play that—she doesn’t want anyone having fun without her. :devil:  Or so I assume, since she e-mailed me the very next day. “…your proposal is brilliant,” she said, “and we’d like to take it through acquisitions.” :highfive:

Well, okay….  #1 — Holy effing crap. Are you serious? Overnight? You looked at my proposal, loved it that much (I’m reading between the lines here :howyoudoin: ) & want to buy it…all in a 24-hour period? :huh:

#2 — OMG, I just sold another book—another trilogy, actually.

#3 — Really? You’re not even going to let a girl decompress from her last deadline before making her jump in & start a whole new project? :dammit:

And #4 — Holy offing crap, are you serious?!  :scream:

The details took a while longer to sort out (which is why I haven’t had a new book out or been able to make this announcement before now), but finally I received my official “Welcome to Entangled!” greeting & this awesome gift:

 photo 100_1674_zpsscz64drf.jpg  photo 100_1675_zpsuju1g3qn.jpg

Which I both use & revel in on a regular basis. :pinkdrink:

So there you have it. My first bit of Big News is that I AM WRITING FOR Entangled Publishing NOW & will have books coming out with them pretty darn soon. I think. :angel: