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 photo yunoaskmeanything.jpgI’m a little later than I wanted to be with this post, but hopefully you’ve all had a chance to read PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS by now—without forgetting too much about the stories or characters. :crykitty

But today is the day that I will be here to chat about Lily & Nigel…Juliet & Zoe…Zaccaro Fashions…or the “Project: Passion” series in general.

Is there anything you want to know about how I came up with the characters or story ideas?

Why I decided to set it here or there or even over there?

Did any questions pop up in your head while you were reading?  Are you wondering why I didn’t do something a certain way or what will happen with any loose ends I didn’t neatly tie up?

Or anything else you want to know about PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS!

As painful as it might be for me to answer some of those, I’ll do it if you ask. :cutekittygreen


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