an apple crisp a day

A couple of years before he died, my dad planted two apple trees in the back yard. For the longest time, all they did was grow without producing any fruit. Then about a year ago, apples began to appear, but they weren’t great ones; tiny & green, sour if you tried to eat one. But this year they suddenly started to produce big, beautiful red apples. We didn’t quite know what to think, but who could resist at least giving them a try?

Well, it turns out they are freaking DELICIOUS!!!  Firm & tart, but also sweet.

So wouldn’t you know, this is also the year we decide to move, & it’s a little hard to pack up two full-grown apple trees & bring them to the new property.   Of course, that may not stop us. We’ve got this brilliant idea to gather as many apples as we can from Daddy’s trees &…well, we’re still trying to decide exactly how to go about it, but it’s going to involve either dumping the inedible ones in the yard of the New House & hoping they grow OR burying them & hoping they grow OR saving a ton of seeds & planting those.

But we only decided we couldn’t bear to completely part with Daddy’s apple trees after Madame Mommy Dearest started using them to make apple crisp—& it is amazing!!!  I like apple crisp, but I’ve never wanted to dive head-first into a giant batch of it before. With the apple crisp made using my dad’s apples, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! 

I know they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but do you think an apple crisp a day can do the same?

FYI, MMD makes them in single-serving bowls, so I’m not eating an entire lasagna pan of the stuff at each sitting. At least not yet.

But think about it:

Apples — good for you
Cinnamon — good for you
Oatmeal topping — good for you
Brown Sugar — ???  (but, hey, not as bad as plain white sugar, right?)

I only wish I could share this yummy new treat with you—everyone should be able to taste what a delicious dessert my dad’s apples make!


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  1. Hollie says:

    Sounds delicious!!!! Make sure she freezes as many apple slices as possible! She could even put all the ingredients together before freezing! My mom does that with apple pie filling!

  2. Cathy says:

    Now I want apple crisp. Geesh, Heidi! You might try blogging about lettuce.

    • Heidi says:

      Ugh, who wants to think about or eat lettuce? :caterpillar: Just be glad I didn’t blog about chocolate or peanut butter…or chocolate *&* peanut butter… :yum: :kissme:

  3. Kathleen O says:

    Apples have always been my fav and right now I am addicted to Honey Crisp apple variety. They are just so darn good. All those apples will make good pies and cakes.. I love a good apple cake. 🙂

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