adopt a shelter dog month


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  1. Andrea I says:

    Adopting shelter pets is the best way to get a pet.
    We have two cats from our local shelter and a kitten who would have gone to the shelter if we didn’t take it. One of the cats adopted had been in the shelter for six months. We took another young cat from a neighbor moving who could not keep it. He later died of feline leukemia. Our pit bull was a puppy from someone who could not keep it.

    You can tell that we love animals at my house.

    • Heidi says:

      :blinky Yay! I hear ya. All of my furbabies are rescues. Like you, I never quite get the chance to get to the shelter because they keep showing up on their own, but I’m a HUGE advocate of shelters & adoption. Rescued/adopted animals make THE BEST pets! :spider

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