achoo! you, too?

Because I can’t be the only one…

What I try to say, even as I’m hacking, coughing, & blowing my nose…

And finally, this…¬†Every. Single. Night.


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    I have allergies all year long. Sudafed when it gets real bad and Afrin spray all the time.


    • Heidi says:

      Me, too! Or at least it’s seemed that way recently. I swear I’ve been living on sinus/allergy meds for about 3yrs straight. What’s up with that? img28

  2. cinnamon chaisson says:

    have a sinus infection so bad that i cannot blow my nose, it hurts on one side and there is a big lump by my nose. am just starting antibiotics, but seem to be putting up with the allergies all year long. cannot take most over the counter sinus meds cause they contain something that gives me an immediate migraine!! getting to be an old lady sucks!!! img34

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, no! So sorry to hear it. I’ve never actually had a sinus infection, just sinus issues. Can’t imagine it’s very fun. img10

      I’m with you on the over-the-counter meds, too. I take them, but if I take certain ones too close to bedtime, they keep me up & I literally twitch. img34

  3. Brooke C says:

    Oh yeah, unfortunately I can sympathize. Although thankfully this year hasn’t been as bad as last year (*knock on wood*). Last summer, I easily went through 3-4 boxes of tissues every week for a good 2 months, even though I took an allergy pill every day. It was awful. And two years before that, I got hives from my seasonal allergies. Big ones. Oh, the fun of allergies img34 img10

    • Heidi says:

      Glad this year has been better for you than previous ones. It hasn’t for me, but it also hasn’t been unbearable…*most* of the time. img33

      I’ve never had the allergies cause hives, but I do get an extremely itchy, red neck for no apparent reason. I have to slather Gold Bond Itch Cream on it constantly when it acts up. The part I hate most is when my eyes start itching & swelling up. Ugh, that’s the worst; they hurt like heck & take forever to clear up. img10

  4. PattiF says:

    I suffer from allergies all year round, but since it is now being compounded by smoke in the air due to fires, I am constantly stuffed up even though I take over the counter meds.
    I get Kleenex by the case.

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