a Dungeon PSA

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed some recent funkiness with The Dungeon emoticons. img31

First they disappeared…then they came back but were too teeny-tiny to see…& now they’re back again, but work a bit differently than they did before. img18   Just so you know, this has to do with the WordPress plug-in that runs the smilies, which is a bit out of date. img43

Luckily, we have an awesome web gal (she knows who she is img32 ) behind the scenes, who has been working on the issue.  She found a new plug-in to get our emoticons back up & running…  But as I said, they work just a little bit differently now. img39

Knowing how smart my bright little Darlings are, you may have figured this out already, but just in case…

All the emoticons are there, just below the New Comment box, as usual, but you may not be able to see the all at one time.  You’ll notice a small link that says, “more…”  Click on that, & the entire collection of emoticons will appear.  Click “less…” (which should be “fewer,” I know; the writer in me has a seizure every time I see it img28 ) & the majority of them go away again.

It’s a bit of a pain, & I did ask Web Goddess if she could find a way to change it so all of the smilies are there all the time, but until we (read: she img15 ) can work out all the bugs, we’ll just be grateful that we have workable emoticons, okay?

Okay. img40


Part 2 of today’s Dungeon Service Announcement is something else you may have already noticed…

The WIPs and Chains sidebar has been updated!!! img26

This time, we’ve decorated for the July 4th holiday—also known as Independence Day, of which Mistress Heidi is a big fan. img24

As always, the new additions to the sidebar are funny, snarky, & maybe even a little thought-provoking. img44

I hope you enjoy everything & will even take a moment to let me know what you like best.  img38

That should do it for today’s announcements, so now you’re all caught up.  Feel free to stick around & enjoy our new toys, or leave a random comment about whatever the heck you’d like.  After all, it’s Monday…nobody expects much from us on a Monday. img41


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  1. PattiF says:

    Can we skip Monday and go into Tuesday? img33
    Oh, wait….then Tuesday will become Monday img34

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but it is hot here. img41 Thank God for AC. img16 My cats have been laying around and I don’t blame them.

    Staying indoors and reading is a good way to keep cool…. unless you’re reading a book that has you hot and bothered. img37

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I’d rather skip Monday & go straight to Friday. Unless, like you said, that ends up making Friday Monday; that would just be bad. img11

      We’ve had massive rain here for the last couple days, but today is nice & getting warmer. I’m okay with warm, just not img14 img14 img14

  2. Kathleen O says:

    It’s wonderful to have these techie people to help us out with glitches… We have a holiday on Wednesday in Canada. It’s our countries birthday on July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day. img42 It’s great our two countries, the US and Canada have a birthday the same week only days apart. So enjoy all the parties going on, and happy img40 img11 img15

  3. Mary Kirkland says:


    Love the smilies and the new side bar. You’re page is always fun.


  4. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    img27 wow a smurf .. img19 Haven’t those in a while..lol Looking good in here..ummm that guy..you know the one in the plaid shorts? umm yeah..just wanna say…NICE. img23

    • Heidi says:

      Hey, Smurf emoticons will always be cool! And you never know, next time around there might be South Park, Spongebob, Simpsons… img26

      Yeah, June’s Hunk of the Month is pretty hot. But July’s Hunk will be going up soon. Hope you enjoy him as much. img16

  5. Dee says:

    I did notice the smilies on the bottom and plug ins “expiring” can be bad, especially when it is dungeon emoticons!

    The only Happy Monday is a holiday or when the work day is over.

    img30 img16 img26

  6. Ruth C. says:

    img20 Oh, I like it, I like it…. img16

  7. Brooke C says:

    I’m glad to see the emoticons working again. I was worried there for a little while. But now they’re back and the sidebar is updated to boot! You and your tech angel have been hard at work for us. Thanks!! img23 img19 img20

    • Heidi says:

      You are very welcome! img32 Of course, I like playing with them just as much as anyone else, so when they’re on the fritz, I’m the first person to complain. img26

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