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It occurred to me recently that I have completely dropped the ball on our customary Word of the Week snippets.  Bad, bad blog hostess. :devil

sleeping cat Pictures, Images and PhotosSo I am going to try to make a note—an actual note, written on an actual calendar Photobucket—from now on, in an effort to get back on track.  And I shall start with this one…

Word of the Week:  mattress worshipThe decision to stay in bed when you are too tired to get up and go to church.  For example, “Ben doesn’t go to church, he prefers mattress worship.”


In addition, we—or more to the point, my second-in-command, Lady of the Whip, Darling Laura J. Photobucket—is going to start a new weekly custom over at my HappyBookers YahooGroup.

Every Monday, she’s going to post a Word of the Week, as well…but the HappyBookers word won’t include a definition, it will be a “word association” game, & she’ll be asking you to respond to the Word of the Week with a thought or anecdote of your own.

For instance, if she posts the word “banana,” you might reply with a note that says, “Ohmigosh, when I was nine, I slipped on a banana peel & broke my wrist. It ruined my whole summer!”  Or if the word is “Bradley Cooper,” your immediate response should of course be, “Laura J.’s guy…hands off…don’t even look or she’ll hurt us!” :cry

Get it?

Sound like fun?  :dancing

Of course, this little game is for members of the HappyBookers YahooGroup only, so if you aren’t yet a member, you may want to join.  Simply visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HeidiBettsHappyBookers/ to sign up.

And here’s another fun side benefit to joining the loop:  monthly giveaways! That’s right—each month, Darling Laura J. lets her daughter (a.k.a. B-Girl) draw a name for a mystery gift sent by Yours Truly.

So there’s really no down side to being a HappyBooker.  To quote Larry the Cable Guy, Let’s git ‘er done!


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  1. Laura J. says:

    Word will be up later today. Unlike me who is up at 4:33 AM. Yes, 4:33 AM on a Monday! I am currently awake thanks to a stupid tornado warning. :mad Did I mention it is 4:freakin 30 freaking AM in the freaking morning on a freaking Monday!!!!!!! :angeldevil

    We are in the basement watching the coverage (there is damage west of here but not hearing any reports of injuries yet) of the stupid storm passing over us (at 4:30AM in case I haven’t mentioned that yet) with all the kids (with the exception of the one we can’t wake up–he’s downstairs snoozing like nothing is going on) and the pets. Still have power and cable, however, if the cable/internet goes out–someone is gonna pay! :devil

    • mary k says:

      Oh damn, be safe and hope all is alright where you are. I get up most mornings at 4am…lol Just can’t sleep.

      • Hollie says:

        just watch out for falling houses!! and make sure your ruby shoes are glued on!! hahahahahahaha!!!!

        • Laura J. says:

          I don’t need no Ruby shoes….I gotta watch out for some dumb girl throwing water at me!!!!! :devil

          We are all good here. Not so good west and south westish of here though. Probably a couple of tornado touchdowns, but luckily only hearing minor injuries. Considering this came in during the overnnight period, that is really good.

          • Hollie says:

            well thats good that no one was injured! Those sirens in the night scare the living s**t out of me! Especially after last years tornado 3 blocks from our house…we could hear the rotation! Twice in 1 lifetime is enough for me!!
            Auntie Em..Auntie Em!!

            • Laura J. says:

              no sirens, but I did get about 1000 text messages from our local news channel finally at about message 938 they sent the tornado warning one, which was about 15 minutes before the warning expired.

  2. mary k says:

    Hey, thanks for posting about the Yahoo group. I didn’t know anything about it before now. *off to sign up*


  3. Laura J. says:

    And you are IN!!!!

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