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While  you were out Pictures, Images and PhotosI know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out what I was up to while my computer was in the shop & I was forcefully kept off-line.  (And if you don’t think that had me climbing the walls & pulling out my hair, you don’t know me very well. :hothot )

So first, I caught up on doctor appointments.  Eye exam & my annual overall head-to-toe.  (I actually waited until I knew I’d be out running around a lot to take the ol’ ‘puter into the shop to try to cut down on my cut-off-from-the-internet anxiety.  Am I a smarty pants or what? :winkwink )

Once again, I am practically perfect in every way. :thumbsup   My GP even asked if I’d lost weight.  I hadn’t; according to their scales, I’ve actually gained a few pounds. :blinkie   But that’s with boots & jeans & a winter sweater!  (I really have to start scheduling these things for swimsuit weather.)  When I told him so, he said I certainly looked like I’d lost weight…& then when I told him I was still exercising daily & even lifting weights, he said, “Well, then, you could actually be building up muscle mass, which would show up on the scale.”

So do we love my doc, or what?   Most times you go to the doctor & they get on your case about losing weight…mine makes up excuses for the scale to be wrong.  Awesome!  And also ironic, since this is the same man who never said a word or even seemed to notice when I lost 100 pounds between visits. :beerlaugh

I definitely got antsy without e-mail access.  It wasn’t a very good week for it, either, since I’d just sent off a bunch of different stuff to my editors & had no way of knowing if they’d gotten it, reviewed it, approved or disapproved, needed something else…  And I had no back-up to the internet, so I really was cut off from the outside world. :stalker

But I got some reading done! :cantputdown   Finished Mystery Lover by Lisa Childs & only have about 10 pages left of White Heat by Brenda Novak.

And I drooled my way through a few episodes of Hawaii Five-0, which is quickly becoming one of my guiltiest of pleasures.  It’s not like me to completely miss a hunk-fest like this, but I actually just started watching this show & am now kicking myself soundly for missing it for so long.  I love it!  Could be the theme song.  Could be the lush island setting.  Could be the gripping storylines.  Or maybe it’s the bevy of hunky leads.  Yeah, it’s probably the bevy of hunky leads.  I’m having a real problem splitting my fantasies between the three, let me tell you.  And my darling Dwayne & second-in-command Jason are starting to get a little jealous. :devil

I actually had a really nice dream about my darling Dwayne one night.  Nothing dirty…get your minds out of the Dungeon gutter, my smutty-minded Darlings…but it definitely had me waking with a smile. :love

I did laundry & made a bunch of phone calls (which I could still do, even without internet access *g*), & then banged my head against the wall when I realized that what I could have been doing with my down time was working on another Top Secret side project.  It’s not contracted, isn’t for anything in particular, but I started it a while back & would love to have finished it. If only I’d thought of that before I unplugged the PC & took it away. Ah, yes, regret mixed with stupidity is a bitter pill to swallow.  It doesn’t go down any easier with one of those luscious Everybody’s Irish cocktails, either.


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  1. Laura J. says:

    Well I’m glad you got a lot done! My luck would be no computer and nothing to do to fill my time!!!!! :mad I’m just hoping that never happens.

    • Laura J. says:

      Now I have more time to respond. Kids had to go to school!

      Your doctor is pretty cool! (He doesn’t by chance look like the Australian Doctor on House does he? I would definitely make the drive up your way to see if he did! :Pretty Isn’t it great when people say you have lost weight?!?! I have had 4 people ask me if I’ve lost weight. The first three that asked I said no. When the 4th person asked I decided to go home and weigh myself (I was starting to see a trend) and lo and behold I have lost 6 pounds!!! I have no idea when or where or how, but I’m now 2 pounds away from my, IMHO, “ideal weight”. (You know what *I* think I should weigh).

      • Heidi says:

        :congrats Laura. But why the heck can’t I lose 6lbs w/o even noticing? That sort of thing just does not happen to me.

        The other way around, tho…*gaining* 6lbs w/o noticing…oh, yeah, THAT happens all the time. :mad

  2. mary k says:

    Sounds like you kept yourself busy while going through internet withdrawals… :brava

    That’s the way to do it. I know that’s what I did when my pc was getting fixed.

    • Heidi says:

      I don’t know if I kept busy, but I tired to stay occupied. LOL So sad that I’ve only got on way onto the internet, too, when most people these days do it with their phones & iPads & maybe even their brains. But that’s just not me. I’ve got one PC, one way online, & the only thing I do with my phone is talk. :socool

  3. Anne says:

    Did I read right? You lost 100 pounds? If so, congrats, especially on keeping it off.

    • Heidi says:

      It’s been a while, but yes, a few years back I shed a little over 100lbs—thanks! Keeping it off isn’t easy, either, esp. since you seem to hit this plateau after a while no matter how much you keep exercising or eating healthy. :angeldevil

  4. Hollie says:

    Im am just so glad that you are back!! SOME ONE was a real pain when she got control of that whip!!(and not in the good way either)… :beerlaugh Glad to get the REAL mistress back!!!

    • Laura J. says:

      Hey—I resemble that remark!!!!! :angeldevil

    • Heidi says:

      :heehee Don’t make me come in there, you two! :smash

      I know what you mean, tho…Laura can be quite the task-mistress. Even Mistress Heidi is keeping an eye on her for fear she’ll try to take over. :devil

      • Hollie says:


        so There LJ!! :tpspspspt

      • Laura J. says:

        Heidi–she is suggesting dirty names for my knitting (yeah yeah I’m suckered into the hobby now–do not judge me!) business. She’s the naughty one! Not me!!!! :cry

  5. dee says:

    I’ve been bad about visiting, but I will try!

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