what not to watch during your recovery

As I’m writing this, I feel absolutely fine.  Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed, as the saying goes.

But when you read this, I will have been home from the hospital only a couple of days, after being sawed nearly in half, & I’m guessing I don’t feel too hot.

And if I’m awake at all, I am probably zoned out in front of the television, just trying not to move…or breathe…or think too hard.

Before going into the hospital, though, I tried to figure out what I might watch while I laid there trying to heal.  (And not move…or breathe…or think too hard.)  But once again, I was slapped in the face with less-than-desireable options:

A Kiss Before Dying

Death Becomes Her



Aaack!  I need something that doesn’t make me fear death when I’m teetering so close to it.

But I can’t do funny, either, can I?  I mean, I don’t want to pop a stitch—or fifty.  Which means no…

Designing Women

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The Big Bang Theory

My Name is Earl

Despicable Me



My Name is Vinnie

It’s a shame, because those would normally be some of my go-to recovery shows.

I’m not sure I should go with anything scary, either, since jumping in fear may not be the wisest post-surgery movement for me to attempt.

So what would you recommend?

Keep in mind that I may doze off midway through, so it should probably be something that doesn’t require me to pay too much attention, or that I can rewind the next time I wake up. :coffin


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    I think you will just have to play it by ear Heidi.. I would say happy TV programs that won’t make you laugh out loud belly laughs…
    Maybe some reality shows might be better… like survior.. Nothing to laugh at their I would think, personally I don’t watch the show..
    I watched my soaps and read most of the time. Then there all the talk shows.. The cooking channel might be another cook one. Oh and then their is HDTV.. all those home improvment shows. Not much there to make you laugh..

    Just take it easy and like I said, you will just have to judge what to watch by the way you are feeling that particular day..
    I wish you a wonderful recovery… Girlfriend I have been in your shoes and know if you need an ear, I am here to listen.

    PS: i would stay away from the real soppy movies and such…just until you get a hold of your emotions…


  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I would get the last two seasons of Law and Order SVU and watch it, but that’s just me. Or you could re-watch that show Forever Knight. That’s what I would do.

  3. Hollie says:

    Serenity, Firefly….hmmm…dont mind if I do…..

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