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Christmas sort of got away from me as the New Year moved in, but in addition to sharing what we received for the holidays this year, I’d love to take a minute to find out what we all gave. :smiley81

Did you give anything to anyone that they just loved or that was truly appreciated?

I expected to spend Christmas Day alone because Madame Mommy Dearest was scheduled to pet-sit, but at the last minute, her job was cancelled.  So even though we’d already done our sit-down Christmas dinner on the 23rd, we did it all over again on Christmas Day. :smiley67 Everything was delicious, too!  We had turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean & carrot casserole, & cranberry dressing.  It was all so good, I could eat it three times a day every day until next Christmas. :smiley72

I didn’t realize it at the time, but for about the third year in a row, I purchased almost all of my gifts for others from charity organizations such as The Animal Rescue Site.  So not only did I get gifts to give, but my purchases raised money for some really great causes! :smiley88

I was also delighted to be able to donate more than a dozen giant bags of dry cat food to the Hundred Cat Foundation for their annual “Feed the Ferals” Food Drive.  If I can’t rescue every stray/feral/homeless cat on the planet, the least I can do is provide much-needed food to help get some of them through the winter. :smiley11

In addition to a gift certificate to her favorite winery, I got Madame Mommy Dearest two adorable new tops.  Both Christmasy, with cute little rhinestones here & there, but one with cats & the other with dogs.  She loved them both so much, she couldn’t decide which to try on first!  But when she did actually wear one out—the day after Christmas—she said she got tons of compliments.  And she loves them because they’re comfortable, cute, & just her style.  (FYI, MMD is terribly hard to clothes-shop for; she’s so particular & picky about materials, necklines, seams… Sheesh. :smiley64 )

I also got her a little notebook to keep track of all of her usernames/passwords because I get tired of her asking me what they are.  How am I supposed to know that???  I have enough trouble remembering my own! :smiley58

And I found a replacement part for her hot air popcorn popper that she’d been bugging me about for months.  (Yes, sometimes Christmas is about buying gifts that will get someone off your back for a while. :smiley62 )

 photo 100_1601copy_zpscaedbabc.jpgIt was also Princess Pippa’s First Christmas.  So fun to have a baby in the house for the holidays! :smiley33

I got all of The Kittehs a few fun new toys, of course, but everything is so new & exciting to Pippa!  She ate & ate & ate turkey from our Christmas dinner; I couldn’t fill her dish fast enough & had to wait until she was full before I could actually stop to eat myself. :smiley72   Then she played & played & played with crinkled-up wrapping paper & the new toys.  And eventually, a couple of the others got to play with them, too. :smiley73

So all in all, I feel like I did a decent job of finding items my loved ones would like & use.  How about you? :smiley57


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  1. Rhonda Saunders says:

    My oldest daughter had seen a purse and wallet on a Facebook link. She tagged me but never thought I would get it for her. The look on her face when she opened it made my day. My youngest daughter had an old Kindle but kept hinting for the new Kindle Fire so of course mom came through again. I love making my girls happy! :smiley56

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    My nephew, daughter and son in law all got gift cards from us. I bought my grandson a potty chair which my daughter was very grateful for since she had been thinking about getting one and seeing if he would use it, which he already has.

    We ate dinner over at my daughter’s house Christmas Eve, which is when my family celebrates Christmas. But on Christmas day hubby and I brought a plate of food to two of our elderly neighbors who were spending the day at home alone. The maintenance man’s mother found out about the ladies and brought them both a box of homemade cookies which they loved.

    • Heidi says:

      That’s so nice! It doesn’t take much sometimes to bring a bright spot to someone’s day, does it? Taking those plates over was really kind of you! :smiley80

      Ah, potty training time. That should be fun. LOL

  3. Hollie says:

    We spent a small fortune on Scrub daddys. We gave one to all of my family members and my co workers. It was featured on Shark Tank. :smiley11

    • Heidi says:

      Nice. I haven’t heard of those yet, but I’m sure I will. Then again, I balk at any suggestion that I should scrub a pot or pan. :smiley69

  4. Hollie says:

    We spent a small fortune on Scrub daddys. They are the best dish/pots/pans scrubber ever. We gave them to each of my family members and to my coworkers. They had been featured on Shark Tank!

  5. Hollie says:

    sorry..over clicked. :smiley62

  6. Ruth C. says:

    :smiley11 My daughter and I got computer parts so her boyfriend could rebuild his computer. He was very surprised and grateful. When I was out visiting them in November, I got my daughter a nice flannel bathrobe and a new sweater. I told her they were her Christmas presents and now I wouldn’t have to wrap and send them. lol I did send a couple of small gifts which surprised her. :smile93

    • Heidi says:

      That was nice of you guys. It’s like me finding the missing part for MMD’s popcorn popper—something they really needed, but wouldn’t be expecting. :smiley73

      I’ll be that new bathrobe & sweater are coming in handy now, too! Brrrr. :smiley75

  7. Michelle T says:

    My mom’s birthday is 3 days before Christmas & this year was the Big 6-0 (don’t tell her I told you). So my sisters and I surprised her with mini-family vacation in AZ (where my baby sister lives & mom hasn’t been there yet) – which we’ll be enjoying next week! Granted I get to benefit getting out of the cold CT weather, too :smiley75

    PS – I also got my mom a user name/password book a few years ago…but she always forgets to use it so I still get the “What’s my password?” question all the time! :smiley63

    • Heidi says:

      Wow, that’s a *really great* surprise gift! I hope you all have a wonderful time! :smiley65

      And MMD better use her password/ID journal or I’ll start tattooing them on her arms! LOL :smiley58

  8. Brooke C says:

    In Canada we can’t get all the same products as in the US, and my cousin had tried cookie peanut butter in the states and loved it. So, when my brother who lives in the US came home for Christmas, I asked him to bring some cookie peanut butter for her. She was so excited and happy! It was probably the best gift I gave this year :smiley4

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