things learned during the Super Bowl

So yesterday was Super Bowl XLV.  (That’s Super Bowl 45 for the non-Roman speaking Darlings in the house. :tpspspspt )  And for the first time ever, I think, I actually watched the game—any game—the whole way through.  I don’t even know why, I was just suddenly infused with the need to see the Steelers win.

Sadly, they did not. :sadheart   But their loss doesn’t shake my dedication one bit. No, sirree!  We’ll get ’em next year, Pittsburgh!

Last night’s game turned out to be an educational experience for me, though.  I promise, absolutely promise this will be my last Super Bowl-related post, but I just had to pass along a few things I learned about myself while watching this year’s game:

There is apparently a very passionate sports fan living inside of me.  This is quite the epiphany, considering I never thought I cared much at all for sporting events before.  And yet, last night I caught myself yelling some rather creative things at the TV screen.

Even though I kept saying all week that I really didn’t care about the Super Bowl & was only moderately interested because I am loyal to the Pittsburgh Steelers (& Pirates & Penguins), apparently I do care.  A lot.  Because I got very involved in the game this year & was sorely, sorely disappointed when my team lost.  Let’s just say a lot of very nasty four-letter words spilled past my lips.

I’m a really good fan to have on your team, but not so great for the other guys.  Some of the things that popped out of my mouth about the Packers…who, by the way, I know nothing about; they just had the misfortune of playing against one of my favorite teams…will probably gain me a very nice spot in the Seventh Level of Hell.

Quite a few of those Packers need haircuts. I mean, seriously, guys? Seriously?  At least tie that crap back with a scrunchie or something. :sick   You looked like a bunch of leftover hair band rejects from the 80s.  And I should know; I used to be very fond of some of those hair bands!

Even being a die-hard Steelers fan, I could totally go for the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. I’m not sure I agree with him being named MVP after the game I saw, but he is a cutie & several times during the game, it did seem as though he was pretty much the only player from his team doing anything out there on the field.

I would make a terrible soccer (or football or baseball or basketball or hockey) mom.  The coaches would hate me.  So would the other parents.  And I would likely send children screaming from the field in tears.

Cats aren’t used to my sporting enthusiasm.  They gave me very strange looks when I grumbled & cursed, & went running whenever I shouted in glee over a touchdown.

I actually can sit through an entire football game.  I didn’t think that was physically (or mentally) possible for me.  But even though there was a Monk marathon on another channel & I was also sort of trying to watch Jason Statham in War, the only time I turned to either of those was during boring commericals or half-time.

The Black-Eyed Peas really need to stay in the studio.  Love their music, but only after it’s been recorded & filtered & fixed.  Their live performance…woof. :crazy

Just because I watch an entire football game does not mean I know what they’re talking about.  I was pretty much clueless the whole time & only knew which team did well by which players started to do a little cheer or dance.

I am a really sore loser.  Seeing my team lose when they’d been so freaking close to winning, & having them foul up the last quarter when they’d been doing so well up till then put me in an exceptionally lousy mood the rest of the night.  Even the cats gave me a wide berth there for a while.

So can we get a do-over?  I’m pretty sure the Steelers could take the win with a do-over. :angeldevil


P.S. Don’t forget that guest author JILL SHALVIS will be with us tomorrow, chatting about her latest release, Animal Magnetism.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss it.  And, yes, there will be a giveaway! :eeee


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  1. Laura J says:

    Sorry that your team lost, but happy my team won. I only watched the half time show and I do agree with you that they need to stay in the studio. I did like that song Love though (don’t know if that was the actual title, but it’s close enough) and they didn’t butcher the National Anthem. :stinky

    I think Aaron deserved the MVP award but mainly to stick it too Crybaby Favre. Aaron has been in the shadow of him too long.

    My parents are going to be going to the shareholders meeting for sure now and looks like B’girl will be going with them.

  2. Jessica Lemmon says:

    I’m with you on many counts. I discovered that hidden sports fan living within after I met my husband. I accidentally became an Ohio State football fan. I mean, I throw a party every year, I can’t help but get excited (I call myself an OSU fan by marriage) :winkwink

    I DID watch the ENTIRE game last night! We rooted for the Packers since AJ Hawk is an old OSU alum, but I did give the Steelers a few whoot-whoots when Big Ben hobbled off on his knee, then faked a pass annd ran the damn ball. That was AWESOME. :notworthy

    And, oof – the halftime show – my friends were all twittering/facebooking about how awful the BEP were. I think I said what you said almost verbatim – they should stay in the studio. They really suck LIVE. :tpspspspt

  3. Anne says:

    Thank goodness someone agrees with me about the Black Eyed Peas. I caught it on the news and it was awful, but on the radio this morning the female DJ was raving about their performance. It seemed like Fergie’s mike wasn’t even on part of the time and they were off key.

    Rascal Flatts frequently has problems live too.

  4. Heidi says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t listen after she started screeching out the Guns ‘n Roses song…then to hear them practically butcher “I Got a Feeling.”

    I think they were a bit winded with all that fancy dancing, but that’s no excuse. If I wanted to see dancers, I’d look at the dancers; when I want to hear the BEPs, I want to hear them sounding GOOD. :stinky

  5. Dee says:

    I was a “bad American” and did not watch the Super Bowl. My heart was just not in it. I was exhausted from my earlier yelling at the Roma game. [It got bilngual so you know it was NOT a good outcome. I referred to the ref and the other team as cazzi di merda. Reply if you want to know what that means.]

    • Heidi says:

      Go ahead & translate, Dee. Considering some of the nastiness that spilled from my mouth last night, I think I can handle it. LOL

      • Laura J. says:

        I know!! I know!!! I googled it.

        Ooh….Dee was Pi$$ed!!

        • Dee says:

          It translates into fucking shit. I was trying to say crazy shit [pazza merda] but um…went the distance. My dad was literally laughing at me for the parts of the game he watched.

  6. Irene Peterson says:

    Sigh…I was so upset at the apparent inability of the Steelers to score, I left the room way before halftime.
    By rights, I am a Giants fan, but I have fond memories of rooting for the Steelers back in the late 70s, so since I had a choice, I went for them.
    I scream too much. I get too worked up. At least after I left, they started to wake up. I should have left earlier.

    • Heidi says:

      The Steelers did really well in the 2nd & 3rd quarters, then the end just sort of…happened. I still maintain that the Packers fell into that win. Seriously. :devil

  7. Mippy says:

    It is not an understatement to say that I live for football season. I just love it. Especially college ball. The hub and I look forward to the first Monday Night Football game of the year b/c he always cooks up a couple of batches of wings and we have stragglers stop by for wings and beer.

    That being said, what’s this about the Packers needing haircuts (which I agree with, by the way). Have you checked out Brett Keisel’s beard or Troy Polamalu hair??? Dear Lord. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a a family of squirrel’s living in there. I’ll forgive you for the oversight this time since you are apparentely a football newbie… :winkwink

    • Heidi says:

      While I did notice a couple Steelers who needed cuts, I could only see what was falling out of their helmets & the Packers’ dos were way more distracting to me in that way.

      Aaron Rodgers, however, is very clean-cut. He gets a gold star for looking the way an American football player should! :brava

  8. Hollie says:

    I watched the whole thing!! I didnt want to miss the commercials!!
    What was up with that player with the beard??? and not rothlesburg(sorry to butcher his name!)…there was a packer who had a beard that would put grizzly adams to shame!!!
    My fav. commercials were the Darth Vader…the beaver who dropped the tree in front of the car! :Bigthumbs

  9. Jane says:

    I thought the Black Eyed Peas were pretty good. I wish the audio was better.

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