the summer of my discontent

I can’t believe Summer is over already, but I also can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.  Mainly because this Summer…& really, a bit of last Spring, as well…were kind of a pain in the ass.

I wouldn’t say that I was in a bad mood, exactly, but more that it was a situation where “one of those days” stretched into “one of those weeks,” “one of those months,” & finally “one of those seasons. :coffin

My allergies & sinuses have been out of control for months, driving me crazy.  Itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches, coughing, sneezing…  It was terribly attractive, let me tell you.  NOT!

For a while, I was sleeping like the dead.  I could go 10-12 hours a night, then still drag once I managed to get up.  Not exactly conducive to getting much done.  Then, out of the blue, it flipped.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sleep.  I could be exhausted & still lie in bed all night, wide awake, tossing & turning.  Aaaaaaargh!

And that just plain made me grumpy & out of sorts.  I stayed home, going nowhere & interacting to no one…& with no desire to go anywhere or interact with anyone.  I was either starving & stuffing my face or eating next to nothing.  I even let pizza go moldy! :risingghost

I can’t say the writing wasn’t going well, either.  Every time I tried to get started, something interrupted me—often revisions or edits on a previous project, which…well, see the Grumpy Cat sign.

I don’t know if I was suffering from a bit of burnout or plain old malaise, but it got so frustrating that eventually I just gave up.  I gave myself permission to be lazy & do next to nothing & take the summer to…I don’t know, recharge, I guess.

I started watching Leverage & fell head over heels in love with the show. :spider   So much that I’ve since bought Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD, & am keeping an eye on the rest.

And I mowed the yard.  A lot.  I, who normally mow the grass three or four times a summer, if the neighbors are lucky, was out there mowing every other week.  And I enjoyed it!  I even started using the push mower for the first time in…well, since I was a kid & thought helping my parents with lawn work was fun.  And I enjoyed that, too, even if there were a couple times I thought I was going to pass out afterward. :mummy

I also gave myself permission to write when I felt like it instead of feeling like I had to, or feeling guilty if I did anything other than writing.

And you know what?  It worked!  I may have been lazy as a stone over the summer, but I’m feeling 100% better now.  I may not be mowing as much (the yard is already out of control again) or watching as many movies (except on the Torture Cycle), but I’m back to writing on a regular basis & it’s going great!  I’m loving the story I’m working on, & also the progress I’m making with it!

So taking some time off turned out to be a good idea!  I may have to do that a little more often just to keep my energy & motivation up. :winkingpumpkin


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  1. Hollie says:

    I’m glad it’s all worked out for you! Recharging the batteries comes in handy sometimes! And with all of your writing..I know it’ll be good for us..your readers!

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Kathleen! I definitely think the recharge has re-inspired my writing. I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on the current wip; it’s been so much fun! :spider

      And I haven’t had a break in I can’t remember houw long. I never go on vacay & have worked thru every holiday & summer in recent memory. So scaling back was nice. I was a little worried it would throw me off big-time, but it turned out to do the opposite. Thank goodness! :sweetwitch

  2. Holly says:

    I swear you and I are like soul sisters. This summer was an awful one for me too. Along with the allergies and such, throw in some bi-polar meds not working and disruptive and ignorant neighbors who smoked pot outside constantly. The doc said the second hand contact high may have been what messed up my meds for me too. I had a headache all summer and thanks to the neighbors being outside until all hours, my sleep pattern was crazier than a gnat.

    Hopefully we both feel better with autumn rolling in and some cooler days coming.


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