The End is near

And not in my oft-mentioned  Zombie Apocalypse way. :muahaha

No.  The wonderful, delightful The End I’m talking about is on my latest Harlequin Desire manuscript.  (Tentatively titled A Baby in the Billionaire’s Boardroom.)

That’s right—I have FINISHED!

Woooooooo-hooooooooo! :kitty

I am so super-happy with the way this story turned out.  Love the characters, love the plot, love how everything came together just about perfectly.

In fact, I’m going to share the very end of the story with you in a major ***SPOILER ALERT*** excerpt.  If you really don’t want to know anything before the book comes out (a good 9-12 months from now), you don’t have to read it. But I’m sharing it now because A.) there’s always the possibility it will change in some way during editing process, & B.) I doubt you’ll remember any of it by the time the story is actually released in all its red-coated Harlequin Desire glory. :winkwink

But all the same… ***SPOILER ALERT***

Going on tiptoe, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth. “I also love it. And I love you. Coming to Seattle was the best decision I ever made, even if we got off to a slightly rocky start.”

His own arms came up to circle her waist, holding her close while he nibbled lightly at the corners of her mouth and jaw.

“Ah, but don’t you know that the rockiest paths sometimes lead to the very best destinations?”

With a perfectly contented sigh, she leaned back to stare deep into his crystal clear sapphire eyes.

“Yes, I guess I do,” she whispered as everything else faded away, leaving them the only two people in the world, let alone the crowded ballroom. “Because my rocky path led me to you.”


Sigh.  Couldn’t you just swoon? I almost did, & I wrote it.  Of course, I didn’t actually know what I was going to write until it happened, so there was a pretty big element of surprise there for me, too. LOL

Technically finishing the writing part of the book in no way means I’m actually done, however.  (More’s the pity. :sick )

Oh, no—now comes the hard part.  Well, one of the hard parts, anyway.  I’ve got to go back to the beginning & start revising, proofing, & polishing, which usually takes an extra week or two.  Especially since I like to put a little distance between myself & the story before I dive in…to decompress, clear my head, gear up for Round 2.

So that’s where I am—ecstatic at being done with the actual writing portion of Photobucketanother book :twirl …but weary & wary, too, of having to dive back into editing.

Hard work ahead, my Darlings.  Hard work ahead.


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  1. TamVan says:

    Congratulations on finishing the book! :blowkiss It looks amazing and the ending is just perfect, I hope not a word gets changed.
    Just BARELY finished a project I’ve been working on, almost ran out of material at the end. And had no way of getting any more until early April, so it would have really been bad. LOL
    Hope you are able to take time to put your feet up for a few and drink some hot tea or cocoa before you have to start on the revisions.
    Have a great day!

    • Heidi says:

      You’re sweet, thank you. There may be a little rewording here or there, but hopefully the spirit of the ending will remain the same. (I really, really like it. :winkwink )

      Big WHEW! on having enough material to finish your project. I know that feeling…both the fear of running out & then the relief of just making it. :dropmouth So congrats!

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Big Congrats on finishing.

  3. BookHookah says:

    :kitty SWOON!….siiiiiiiigh :jumping Congrats, doll 🙂 …NOW it’s time for a drink :drinkup or two, or three, or four um, you get the picture :winkwink CHEERS! To….”The End”

  4. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Congrats on reaching …The End! Happy for you! And that sneaky peek ending sounds fabulous, ahhh!

    And just want to say I received my book in the mail today from fbf a couple weeks ago. A big Thank you! And thanks for all the extra goodies in there too, love the door hanger! :thumbsup

    • Heidi says:

      Thank you!

      I’m so glad your book arrived, too. Sometimes I get them out quickly…sometimes not so much. :oops And sometimes the P.O. is to blame…but not usually. LOL

      Hope you enjoy it! :kitty

  5. Bonia says:

    Ok, I’ll admit I skipped the *spoiler alert* portion. I like being surprised. But Sounds like the other ladies LOVED it!

    I’m glad you’re done and ready to move on to revisions, which means that you’re 1/2 way done altogether! YAY! You deserve a “spring break”

    • Heidi says:

      That’s okay…*I* would totally forget it, but I don’t want anybody to read it who wants the whole things to be a surprise. :peekaboo It’ll make a lot more sense in context with the rest of the story, anyway. LOL

  6. Tammy Beck says:

    Congrats on finishing your book! I loved the ending. I will try to forget it before the book comes out…shouldn’t be to hard with my memory span.Lol :thumbsup

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Tammy. I really love it, too, even if it isn’t perfectly polished just yet. Or maybe it is…I never know till I get there the second time thru. LOL

  7. Hollie says:

    Yay!!! It looks like another great book!! Now comes the waiting…………………………………………..
    and waiting………………………………………….
    and waiting……………………………………….

  8. Laura J. says:

    Woo2theHOOOOOO!!!!!! I can’t wait!! I LOVE the ending, just as it is. And there will be no problem with me remembering it when it comes out later this year. My memory sucks.

    • Heidi says:

      That’s what I figured…for pretty much everybody…& why I thought it would be safe to post a snippet. *I* won’t remember the end 10mins after I send it off to Editor C, so what are the chances you guys will? :rolf

  9. Ana Carolina says:

    Hi Heidi!

    My mother will be in NY next month, so she’ll buy your book for me!
    I can’t hardly wait!

    Best wishes!!

    • Heidi says:

      Hi, Ana Carolina! Wow, it’s been forever! So glad to hear from you again.

      So happy your mom will be in NY soon, too, so she can grab a book easily. You’ll have to let me know what you think. :peekaboo

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